UPDATED: Pink Floyd Release New Song for Ukraine – “Hey Hey Rise Up” ft. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox

Pink Floyd has released new music in support of the people of Ukraine entitled “Hey Hey Rise Up!” This is the first new original music that they have recorded together as a band since 1994’s The Division Bell. The track sees David Gilmour and Nick Mason joined by long time Pink Floyd bass player Guy Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboards and features vocals by Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Ukrainian band Boombox. All proceeds from the track will go to charity supporting Ukraine, under siege from Russia since February 26th.

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Machine Head Guitarist Wacław (Vogg) Kiełtyka is Bringing Supplies to Ukrainie Soldiers

Machine Head Guitarist Wacław (Vogg) Kiełtyka, also of Decapitated, hails from Krakow Poland, right near Ukraine, presently under invasion from Russia. Vogg and friends, along with many of his countrymen are bringing supplies to Ukrainian soldiers and people, who need it right now. Machine Head shared the news with their fans and you can read and see photos Vogg has shared, and also see a payment link if you want to donate money.

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Season of Mist Label Offers Support and Shelter to Their Artists Affected by The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In the wake of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (aided by Belarus), Season of Mist’s founder and CEO Michael Berberian has made a post offering support to those artists affected by the conflict, but also work, and refuge a SOM’s office in France. SOM label has several bands from Ukraine, most notably Drudkh. We’d like to shout out this amazing and kind gesture and implore other labels with the ability to mirror this, to do so, and for music media to report this amazing news to help spread the word. We need more actions like this, rather than empty gestures at this critical time in the world. Continue reading

Ukrainian Metal Band Jinjer Shares a Statement About The Russian Invasion

Ukrainian metallers Jinjer have commented on the current unprovoked full scale invasion today in which Russia has invaded Ukraine, which has been a sovereign nation for 30 years, since the end of the old Soviet Union. Jinjer’s comments strongly condemned Russian president Vladimir Putin for authorizing a special military operation into the eastern part of their country earlier today, February 24tth, 2022. According to the band, their families and loved ones are all “safe and unhurt” as of now.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Scarecrow II

As with their 2019 full-length debut, Scarecrow’s second full-length album sees the Russian quartet deepen their commitment to a distinctly off-the-cuff, kitchen sink Occult Metal. Scarecrow II (Wise Blood Records) sits on the arcane line between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal best demonstrated by groups like Seventies-era Scorpions and Judas Priest. There are menacing riffs and banshee vocals galore indicative of Classic Metal but also experimental eccentricities that play like holdovers from the Psych Rock era.

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Rammstein Guitarists Kiss On Stage To Defy Anti-LGBTQ Laws!

Forever the shatterer of social mores and allies to all marginalized communities, Industrial Metal titans Rammstein performed in Moscow, Russia this week at a sold-out stadium show. To defy severe anti-LGBTQ laws, guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe performed an on-stage protest to Russia’s abhorrent anti-LGBTQ laws as they kissed passionately on stage during the band’s concert. Russia’s “gay propaganda” law, which was passed and enacted in 2013. The law makes it illegal to present any “non-traditional” (i.e., heterosexual) sexual act as “normal,” supposedly in the name of protecting children.Continue reading

Pussy Riot’s Pyotr Verzilov Flown To Germany As Condition Worsens After Poisoning

As we previously reported Pussy Riot, the Russian activists and musicians suffered a serious blow when Pyotr Verzilov, the group’s unofficial spokesman, was poisoned last week in Moscow following a court hearing and was hospitalized. The band suspects foul play from the Russian government, a frequent target of the group. Although expected to pull through and recover, Pyotr’s condition worsened over the weekend and he has been flown to Berlin, Germany for further treatment. Veronika Nikulshina, Verzilov’s partner, told the Russian news portal Meduza that he lost he lost his vision and his ability to speak and could not move. Nikulshina made a further claim, backing her earlier assertion that Pyotr was poisoned in an attempt to kill him.

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I Am Morbid Performs Their First Show In Russia

Photo by Jessica Chase

David Vincent announced late last year that he would be teaming up with Tim Yeung, Bill Hudson and Ira Black for a new project entitled I Am Morbid, and the band made their live debut in Russia earlier this week. Continue reading

Slaughter To Prevail – Misery Sermon

If you find yourself wondering exactly what Alex Shikolai is barking about on Slaughter To Prevail’s debut Misery Sermon (Sumerian), it may not be because the vocals are so violently guttural that you just can’t understand a word without following a lyric sheet. It may simply be because you don’t speak Russian.Continue reading

I Am Morbid Releases New Tour Dates

David Vincent announced late last year that he would be teaming up with Tim Yeung, Bill Hudson and Ira Black for a new project entitled I Am Morbid. As he stated in our recent interview, the group will only be performing tracks from Morbid Angel‘s Altars Of Madness, Blessed Are The Sick, Covenant and Domination albums, and their first tour has finally been announced. Continue reading