ALBUM REVIEW: Beachheads – Beachheads II

It is always refreshing when metalheads are not afraid to show their appreciation for genres other than Metal – especially if it means expanding their songwriting chops into entirely new territories. Formed by Kvelertak guitarist and bassist Vidar Landa and Marvin Nygaard, Norwegian Power Pop and Indie band Beachheads are more than meets the ear with their sophomore album, Beachheads II (Fysisk Format).

Fuzz-driven guitars give them a light edge alongside the tambourines and rice-filled toilet paper roll shakers that accentuate their down-to-earth demeanor. However, while their dreamy innocence in tone gives them a charming first impression, their lyrical themes are what make them worth getting to know better. A father to newborn twins, singer Børild Haughom dives deep into the mundanity of everyday life without condemning it. Exploring self-reflection through drastic life changes, he embraces reality while staying open about its emotional toll to keep a theme of numbness without apathy.


Through a journey of the ups and downs of family life, the band maintains their upbeat character throughout each track. ‘Down South’ is driven by a clever combination of vocal “ahh-ing” and twinkling xylophone. Its chipper melodies and blissful tone are reminiscent of The Beatles classic ‘Here Comes The Sun’, despite the track’s melancholy lyrics. The guitar melody for ‘Shine’ sounds like what a million flowers blossoming looks like, while ‘Live And Let Live’ glistens like ocean waves on a sunny day. Synthesized guitar solos and swirling effects add even more to their sonic palette for tracks like ‘Break It Off’ and ‘Oh Joy’.

If you’re in need of a soundtrack to a generally uneventful yet cherished life, look no further. Beachheads II is a forthright outlook on a predictable existence that doesn’t forget to value the goodness in it. Messages that serve as a call to reality, yet mentally place you on a summer beach will have you pondering your blessings in a tranquil state of mind.


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7 / 10