ALBUM REVIEW: Beachheads – Beachheads II

It is always refreshing when metalheads are not afraid to show their appreciation for genres other than Metal – especially if it means expanding their songwriting chops into entirely new territories. Formed by Kvelertak guitarist and bassist Vidar Landa and Marvin Nygaard, Norwegian Power Pop and Indie band Beachheads are more than meets the ear with their sophomore album, Beachheads II (Fysisk Format). 

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Blood Command – Return Of The Arsonist

While Return Of The Arsonist (Fysisk Format) is a spiritual successor to the Hand Us The Alpha Male EP, the eight-year gap really shows the songwriting prowess Blood Command have amassed. There is less of a focus on the high octane, scattergun approach to the song structures and, as a result, more memorable moments.Continue reading

Leonov – Wake

Much debate surrounds the basis of Norwegian quintet Leonov – are they Doom? Are they post-Rock?? Do they eat much fårikål??? Yawn…what’s certain is that the band’s sound is heavy, melodic and steeped in melancholy, as sophomore album Wake (Fysisk Format) bears out.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ondt Blod Streams New Single – Start Han Opp

Rising Norwegian melodic post-hardcore Ondt Blod is just weeks away from dropping their new album Natur on the world, from the always high-quality Fysisk Format label. The band has partnered with Ghost Cult to drop their newest single, ‘Start Han Opp’, which continues their penchant for catchy, heavy, and politically charged tracks that have made them one of the up and coming bands in the world right now. Jam out to ‘Start Han Opp’ now!Continue reading

Jagged Vision – Death Is This World

While Norway is infamously known for its black metal, it turns out there is quite a gem hidden in the city of Stavanger. Jagged Vision, a Sludge Metal five piece, has come out of hiding with their sophomore release, Death is This World (Fysisk Format).Continue reading

IEatHeartAttacks – Please Just Dance Death

This Norwegian trio blast through 9 songs of screamy post-punk hardcore that will make you want to break your mom’s China set. IEatHeartAttacks seems to have a ton of EPs under their belt and Please Just Dance Death (Fysisk Format) contains some of their older tracks revisited on it.Continue reading

Årabrot Books European Tour, New Album Pre-orders Available

Norwegian rock pioneers Årabrot have announced a full European tour, including a run of UK tour dates in anticipation of their forthcoming album The Gospel (Fysisk Format), releasing February 26th.

Årabrot frontman Kjetil Nernes comments:

Årabrot on the road 2016 – in search of something to fill the void – is the culmination of everything the band have done so far and definitely introduces the strongest lineup to date. Beware!”

Arabrot 1

Nernes also commented on writing the album while undergoing treatment for malignant throat cancer last year:

The theme of the Gospel is a vision of the lonely warrior on a summit looking out over a battle field, the smoke from the bomb craters, an all-encompassing silence. The war was against one self; against the ugliness, against the sickness. You sink to the bottom of the sea. All of a sudden you are back on the surface again, stupefied. And hungry! A wicked hunger for everything human life has to offer: Sex! War! Drugs! You breathe, but not like before. “The man who has been in hell never forget’”

The Gospel was partly recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago and partly in the old church in the woods of Dalarna, Sweden. The album features the band and some stellar guest performances from Ted Parsons (Swans, Killing Joke, Jesu, Prong), Andrew Liles (Current 93/Nurse With Wound), Stephen O’Malley (SunnO))/KTL), Erlend Hjevik (Singer, Kvelertak), Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh 4AD), and Kristoffer Lo (Highasakite/Trondheim Jazz Orchestra).


Årabrot is:

Kjetil Nernes – vocals, EGCs, synths
Milton von Krogh – guitars
Magnus Nymo – drums
Lasse Marhaug – noise
Johannes Høie – art
Karin Park – vocals, electric piano, synths


Årabrot European tour dates:

Mar 04: Nalen, Stockholm, SE

Mar 05: Smedjan, Go: enburg, SE

Mar 08: Urban spree, Berlin, DE

Mar 09: Arena, Wien, AT

Mar 10: FreakOut, Bologna, IT

Mar 11: Traffic, Roma, IT

Mar 12: Lo-Fi, Milano, IT

Mar 13: L´ Usine, Geneve, CH

Mar 15: Magasin 4, Bruxelles, BE

Mar 16: dB´s, Utrecht, NL

Mar 17: Corsica Studios, London, UK

Mar 18: Lost @ B-Arts, Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Mar 19: Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow, UK

Mar 20: Chunk, Leeds, UK

Mar 22: Instant Chavires, Paris, FR

Mar 23: Accueil Froid Nuke, Amiens, FR

Mar 24: The Pit´s, Kortrijk, BE

Mar 26: Iparragirre, Gernika, ES

Mar 27: Ahotsgora, Gasteiz, ES

Mar 28: Antiguos Almacenes de la Mina, Udias, ES

Mar 29: Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra, ES

Mar 30: Lata de Zinc, Oviedo, ES

Mar 31: Orbeko Etxea – Llodio, Pais Vasco, ES

Apr 01: Ocho y Medio, Alicante, ES

Apr 02: La Residencia, Valencia, ES

Apr 03: Velvet, Malaga, ES

Apr 05: Inciviczone, Barcelona, ES

Apr 06: Grnnd Zero, Lyon, FR

Apr 07: Gaswerk, Winter: ur, CH

Apr 08: Hühnermanhattan Klub, Halle, DE

Jun 4: Temples Festival, Bristol UK



Including the LTD LP box version and the new 7″ on Sheep Chase.

Tickets where applicable

Årabrot on Facebook

Fysisk Format online



Arabrot – You Bunch Of Idiots EP


Norwegian noise rockers Arabrot have never been ones to work to convention; from their ever-changing sound and air of experimentation to their lyrical content which has time and again hit on the most taboo of subjects, often combined with a sense of mischief. Even in their artwork they often convey a shock value, at least to the less jaded. Latest EP (and the last in the recent trilogy of EPs) You Bunch Of Idiots is graced with an especially provocative cover art, which kind of brings an even more twisted and OTT version of  ‘Springtime For Hitler’ to mind. It also aptly conveys the EP’s sense of dark humour and misleading simplicity.

Of the three EP’s, You Bunch of Idiots, on the surface, is the more straightforward after Murder As Art’s dissident nature and the following I Modi (all Fysisk Format) more exploratory direction. Here the song structures fit the more formulaic durations and are laden with more hooks, but still possess that fuzzy, abrasive tone. Coupled with Kjetil Nernes’s gravelly drawl; which seemingly flits between pure venom and a sense of sarcasm and antagonism and you have, of the three, perhaps the closest to a blueprint of the band if even possible.

As one of the world’s most challenging acts for a number of reasons, in You Bunch of Idiots Arabrot have released one of their more simplistic sounding albums, which is still holds up with their confrontational side. Musically it is up there as one of the easiest of theirs to latch on to. Just don’t go showing the artwork to your mum.



Arabrot on Facebook                                                    



Arabrot Releasing You Bunch Of idiots EP, North American Tour


Norwegian noise rockers Arabrot will be releasing You Bunch Of Idiots EP, out via Fysisk Format
and Eolian Empire on June 16, 2015. This is the third in the three EP series, following Murder As Art and I Modi.

You Bunch of Idiots Track Listing:
01: Cannibal Manifesto
02: Time To Pull The Sticks
03: Celebration
04: Mea Culpa
05: —
06: It’s Hot Drop It

arabrot you bunch of idiots ep

The band has confirmed their upcoming North American tour. These are the rescheduled dates, following main man Kjetil Nernes‘ bout with cancer.

ÅRABROT North American Summer Tour:
Jun 24: O’Brien’s Pub – Boston, MA
Jun 27: Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
Jun 29: The Burlington – Chicago, IL
Jun 30: Fubar – St Louis, MO
Jul 01: Jackpot Saloon – Lawrence, KS
Jul 02: Hi Dive – Denver, CO
Jul 03: Kilby Court – Salt Lake, City, UT
Jul 04: The Shredder – Boise, ID
Jul 05: The Highline – Seattle, WA
Jul 06: The Hindenburg – Vancouver, BC
Jul 07: Rotture – Portland, OR
Jul 08: Starlight Lounge – Sacramento, CA (w/ Dispirit, Lycus)
Jul 09: SF Eagle – San Francisco, CA
Jul 12: Lowbrow Palace – El Paso, TX
Jul 14: Holy Mountain – Austin, TX (w/ Pinkish Black)
Jul 15: Siberia – New Orleans, LA (w/ Pinkish Black)
Jul 16: The 529 – Atlanta, GA (w/ Pinkish Black)
Jul 17: Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC (w/ Pinkish Black)
Jul 18: Strange Matter – Richmond, VA (w/ Pinkish Black)
Jul 19: The Studio, Webster Hall – New York, NY (w/ Pinkish Black)

Kjetil Nernes – vocals, EGCs, synths
Milton von Krogh – guitars
Magnus Nymo – drums
Spiritwo – Middle Eastern chants
Lasse Marhaug – noise
Johannes Høie – art
Karin Park – vocals, electric piano, synths

Arabrot on Facebook
Kulturradet Norwegian Council Official Site
Tone Management Official Site