Return To Earth (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) Releases Their New EP “Octavius”

Long-running Prog Metal legends Return To Earth have released their new EP, Octavius, via Nashville record label Bald Freak Music. Against their type, Octavius is an ambient electronic music album made only with synthesizers and owing to their love of composers and movie soundtracks. The band released their debut album Captains of Industry in 2007 via Metal Blade Records, and a series of independent releases over the years. Octavius is produced The band features Ron Scalzo, former drummer for Coheed and Cambira, and The Dillinger Escape Plan – Chris Pennie, and Brett Aveni. Buy and stream the record below.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Born of Osiris – Angel or Alien

I don’t know if inconsistent is too harsh of a term to describe Born of Osiris’ recorded output, but truth be told with each subsequent release no one can be absolutely sure of what to expect next. The raw and exhilarating The New Reign EP kicked in the doors only to be followed up by the forgettable A Higher Place. Who would’ve thought that band that gave us the technically dazzling The Discovery also had the electronics heavy Tomorrow We Die Alive in their back pocket? S what’s the gameplan for Angel or Alien (Sumerian Records)?

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ALBUM REVIEW: Stan Bush – Dare To Dream


If the ’80s were your decade, then you’ve probably heard at least one song by Emmy winning US singer-songwriter Stan Bush, possibly without even realising it. From giving Jean-Claude Van Damme kung fu flicks Bloodsport, and Kickboxer a surge of synth-enhanced adrenaline with ‘Fight to Survive’ and ‘Never Surrender’, to giving criminally overlooked Charlie Sheen sci-fi ghost car movie The Wraith an extra helping of AOR cheese with ‘Hearts vs Heads’, Bush is arguably most famous for his musical contribution to 1986 animated classic Transformers: The Movie – ‘The Touch’. 

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