ALBUM REVIEW: Hail The Sun – Divine Inner Tension


The Metal, and by extension Rock community has been one more open with mental health struggles over recent years. Often the roots of the music come from trauma, grief, or pain. Hail The Sun have been such a band who up to this point have gained the most of their insight into making their music from these more dark places.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gideon – More Power More Pain

Eschewing hip-hop elements and influences, Alabama hardcore outfit Gideon returns with a metallic, crunchy slugfest that is More Power More Pain (Rude Records/Equal Vision), the bruisers’ sixth full-length record.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Graphic Nature – A Mind Waiting To Die


Mental health is a topic that has been covered by the alternative scene a lot, potentially even being one of the most active causes in the community. Where bands and artists feature a lot darker and edgier sounds and images, themes of depression, anger & loneliness comes alongside as part of the package deal. Metalcore newcomers, Graphic Nature are no different to that. Describing himself as an outsider, vocalist Harvey Freeman says “Not enough people talk about it in a genuine way.” With their debut album, A Mind Waiting To Die (Rude Records) Graphic Nature are here to change things to talk about the crisis of mental health issues genuinely, in their own style.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Dangerous Summer – Coming Home


Maryland rockers The Dangerous Summer‘s new record Coming Home (Rude Records) starts with the evocative title track – with its hypnotic piano riff and prominent Pixies influence. This is TDS’ sixth album, and it is a rockier affair than its three-year-old predecessor, Mother Nature.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Puppy – Pure Evil

It feels as if it has been a long, long time since Puppy released their debut album, The Goat to the world – although the pandemic may have something to do with that considering it has only been three years. When the album was first released, the trio stunned us with an eclectic mix of heavy sludgy, grungy riffs combined with even more eclectic vocal harmonies you’d find somewhere on a Weezer or a Wheatus release. The combination of the two has allowed the band to access the best of both worlds, appearing on some heavier lineups, while still being able to go onto support acts like Creeper. Whether the three-piece will be able to keep this up with their sophomore release is another matter.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Weatherstate – Never Better

Weymouth-based punks Weatherstate have returned with their second album, Never Better (Rude Records), a lethargic commentary on the current state of the world. Bringing a unique edginess to pop-Punk, the band shines a light on the common outlook of society over the past few years. The vocals deliver an ironic unity of bouncy melodies and jeering grittiness. Though they provide a limited range in pitch and tone, the monotony works for the record’s apathetic theme.

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Puppy Shares New Single “…And Watched It Glow” – New Album Incoming


London Power-Trio Puppy have shared a new single “…And Watched It Glow” which debuted last night on BBC Radio 1. The track comes from their forthcoming new album May 6th, 2022 through Rude Records with pre-orders going live soon. The new song is the thirrd single to be taken from ‘Pure Evil’ following on from ‘Angel’ and The Kiss’, both last year. Check out “…And Watched It Glow” now! Continue reading

Blood Youth – Starve

I still remember getting that first Blood Youth record Beyond Repair for review and being blown away but at just how hard-hitting and melodic it was. Never did I think though that it would take them to where they currently are. We now find them about to release new record Starve (both Rude Records) and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding it. High profile tours and high energy live shows have only added to what was already a solid foundation.Continue reading

The End Of The Ocean -aire

Studies show that heavy music inspires some of the most loyal listeners globally among fans of all genres. This isn’t a surprise to most of us with a taste for heavier music, since most mainstream music is mildly annoying at worst and nails on a chalkboard horrid at worst. One style of music that often doesn’t get enough credit is post-Rock, often a sonic kaleidoscope of moods, ebb, and flow, and cathartic releases. Even though it’s many fans will shout from a mountain top, or in a Reddit community about their undying love for these bands, they are still not often top of mind when average fans rattle off “Most Anticipated albums lists”. Still, The End Of The Ocean is a band that inspires the highest devotion, since their last full-length album until now was Pacific-Atlantic and their 2012 EP In Excelsis was their last new music until now. The band spent 2018 reconnecting musically and writing again, producing the comeback album, -aire (Equal Vision).

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Blood Youth New Video For “Keep You Alive”, New Album In 2019

Modern hardcore metal Blood Youth have shared a new single and video from their brand new song ‘Keep You Alive’. The track comes off of their highly anticipated second album, Starve, which is due out on Rude Records on 22 February 2019. Watch the clip right now!Continue reading