ALBUM REVIEW: Gideon – More Power More Pain

Eschewing hip-hop elements and influences, Alabama hardcore outfit Gideon returns with a metallic, crunchy slugfest that is More Power More Pain (Rude Records/Equal Vision), the bruisers’ sixth full-length record.


Chock full of opportunities to mosh, headbang and wreak havoc on surroundings, the record emphasizes Gideon’s propensity to spurn desires to simply destroy for the sake of it. It will easily garner the attention of longtime fans and new, intriguing ears ready to take one on the chin.

‘Push It Back’ proclaims “I wanna break everything around me” and furious mosh rhythms coupled with a title-contender feel superbly encapsulate that very feeling. Best to heed the warning.


More Power More Pain likewise balances metalcore (‘I Will Carry You’) with rapturous melodies (‘If You Love Me Let Me Go’). There are more than enough breakdowns rivaling the tendencies of a pandemic-raised young teenager. This album is the Gideon sound, through and through, and has the potential to garner the attention of metalcore enthusiasts. Where 2019’s Out Of Control utilized more rap/scratching elements, More Power goes for the gullet with pummeling bass bursts (‘Locked Out Of Heaven’) and bouncy, declarative riffs (‘Take Off’).


Daniel McWhorter and Tyler Riley (also guitars) team up to punctuate Gideon’s mission statement with fierce vocals. Riley also displays versatility with their guitar parts, balancing soothing and clear harmonies with colorful introductions and ironclad riffs. The versatility opens the door for a freshness and distinguishability that not only captures attention but throttles it in a death grip.



Rounding out the group, the lone remaining original member Jake Smelley (drums), and relative newcomer Caleb DeRusha (bass) provides a synergy that emboldens the band’s identity.

Aside from the ever-present nagging feeling that More Power More Pain is building on Terror’s recent output Pain Into Power, Gideon pulls no punches and leans more on hardcore, which should entice anyone who’s in the mood for a good old-fashioned teeth-shattering.


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7 / 10