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tribulation children of night

Sweden – one of the strongholds of metal music. Year after year bands from that part of Europe storm the scene, breaking through to the top of the heavy metal charts worldwide. One of the most recent examples is Tribulation. Ten years after their inception, the band takes the global stage with signing a recording deal with Century Media, and the upcoming release of their eagerly anticipated third LP, The Children of the Night. Tribulation have confirmed their aspirations by going on American tour with two of the biggest extreme bands to roam the stages around the world today – Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth in February and March.

It was fantastic tour to be on.” says Adam Zaars, part of the guitar force of Tribulation. “Touring with two of the biggest bands in extreme metal nowadays was a pleasure, and the people showed up early for our performances, which was amazing.”

And there is nothing surprising about fans’ reaction. Tribulation’s reputation as excellent performers is growing.

We started 5.30PM in some days, and they were there to watch our shows! That was also probably the easiest tour we have been on so far. Both headlining bands are huge and extremely professional. But they are also great people, and they took good care of us (laughs). We shared our bus with other Swedish band, Aeon, so we had a really good time.” adds Adam.

The new record of the Swedish quartet is a massive statement and a demonstration of musical and technical abilities. It is also a perfect example how right influences can make your music unique.

So who are “The Children of the Night”?

It describes the band but also everybody who listens to the album. But most of it it’s a description of our personalities that make Tribulation.”


The new music is even more melodic and atmospheric than The Formulas of Death. And there is something that bonds Tribulation with other Swedish bands like Dissection, Tiamat, Opeth, Morbus Chron, or Ghost B.C.

I guess what links our music to Dissection and all those bands you’ve mentioned is Swedish folk music. It’s played a big role in our lives. It’s something we grew up with. It’s in our blood.”

One of the highlights of the new album is epic ‘Winds’ – its construction, melodies, Gothic theatrical atmosphere resembles of that of Cradle of Filth from late ’90’s. Are Tribulation secret worshippers of the controversial Suffolk band?

No, you’re not correct (laughs). Actually we’ve never listened to them… But maybe you are right, I don’t really know as I never listened to their music, but this is the first time someone has found this similarity (laughs).”

Cannibal-Behemoth US Tour

The Children of the Night is a logical consequence of Tribulation’s musical development through the years. Some bands want to remain in certain formula, the other want completely new approach every time they enter the studio. Adam is clear on this matter.

We didn’t really sit down and plan anything. I actually thought the album will turn out quite differently – I thought it was going to be a lot longer, more spacey and ambient (laughs) but it turned out to be something else. We try to never think about the end product. We try to rely on our intuition. And this is what we’ve always done, I guess.”

The new album is very well produced, and an ear will catch that a lot more time was given for putting everything the right place. Adam voiced his disappointment with studio time in the past, but this time he is happier about the comfort of putting everything together in the studio.

We spent 4 weeks recording it. We have wanted four more weeks to be honest. But sometimes you can only get limited time. But we feel we managed to do it well anyway. I mean, sometimes you work better when you’re under pressure. But time spent in studio was for us really inspiring. In fact, we moved around. We had three main studios: first one for the drums, second one for guitars, bass and vocals, and the third one for all the other additional instruments. It was very satisfying, actually.”

That may sound like a lot of hassle, and be potentially distracting. But having been on a budget, that was the most optimal decision the band had to make to achieve the best possible sound quality. Mr. Zaars goes into more detail.

It was all pulled together by Ola Ersfjord, our producer. It was purely economic solution. We wanted to record the drums in a proper room, but it turned out our budget was too tight to do the whole work there! So we moved to Nicke Andersson’s new studio, located in his basement. It was like a playground almost for us (laughs). Overall it was a great experience, because every studio was different, and we’re always looking forward to something new”.


Tribulation Announce European Tour


Tribulation has an extensive schedule of live dates coming up.

The Children Of The Night release shows:
Apr 17: Neurotic Deathfest – Tilburg (NL)
Apr 18: Schlachtfest XV – Aurich (DE)
Apr 23: Debaser Strand – Stockholm (SE) (w/Morbus Chron & Vampire)
Apr 24: Truckstop Alaska – Göteborg (SE) (w/ Morbus Chron & Vampire)

Tribulation live in Europe 2015:
May 01: Ritz – Örebro (SE) (w/At The Gates & Vampire)
May 02: Pipeline – Sundsvall (SE) (w/At The Gates)
May 30: Muskelrock – Alvesta (SE)
May 31: Temples Festival – Bristol (UK)
Jun 18: Tons Of Rock – Halden (NO)
Jun 20: Hellfest Open Air – Clisson (FR)
Jun 31: Voodoo Lounge / The Fires Of Samhain: Initium – Dublin (IR)

European tour with Melechesh, Keep Of Kalessin and Embryo:
May 03: NAXTstage – Almelo (NL)
May 04: Goldgrube – Kassel (DE)
May 06: Willemeen – Arnhem (NL)
May 07: Muziekodroom – Hasselt (BE)
May 08: Druckerei – Bad Oeynhausen (DE)
May 09: Incineration Fest – London (UK)
May 10: Turock – Essen (DE)
May 12: Z7 – Pratteln (SI)
May 13: Caves du Manoir – Martigny (SI)
May 15: Sonora – Bilbao (ES)
May 16: Hard Club – Porto (PO)
May 17: RCA Club – Lisbon (PO)
May 18: Caracol – Madrid (ES)
May 19: Garaje – Murcia (ES)
May 21: Razz3 – Barcelona (ES)
May 22: Secret Place – Montpellier (FR)
May 23: Work in Progress – Padova (IT)
May 24: Cerbero Club – Milan (IT)
May 26: Café Central – Weinheim (DE)
May 27: Backstage – Munich (DE)
May 28: Channel Zero – Ljubljana (SL)
May 29: Escape – Wien (AT)

Triptykon Streaming “Tree Of Suffocating Souls” Video, Announce Upcoming Euro Dates

triptykon tour

Triptykon have released a Philipp Hirsh directed video for “Tree Of Suffocating Souls,” off their second album Melana Chasmata. Watch it here, here or here.

Triptykon singer/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior:

“In producing this footage, we have elected to once again work in partnership with long-standing Triptykon collaborator and director, Philipp Hirsch, in Leipzig, Germany. As intensely minimalist as Triptykon’s approach and music are, as perfect and passionate was Philipp in creating images which combine such minimalism with the required darkness. The night during which most of these images were created was, for many reasons, a truly extraordinary night none of us shall ever forget.”

Triptykon has also announced an extensive list of upcoming tour dates across the UK and Europe supporting At The Gates.

Nov 22: Saint Ghetto Festival – Bern (Switzerland)
Dec 04: Forum – London (UK) + At The Gates, Morbus Chron & Code Orange
Dec 05: Academy 2 – Manchester (UK) + At The Gates, Morbus Chron & Code Orange
Dec 06: Garage – Glasgow (UK) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 07: The Oobleck – Birmingham (UK) + At The Gates, Morbus Chron & Code Orange
Dec 08: The Globe – Cardiff (UK) + At The Gates, Morbus Chron & Code Orange
Dec 10: Turock – (Germany) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 11: Markthalle – Hamburg (Germany) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 12: EMM – Eindhoven (The Netherlands) /
Dec 13: Conne Island – Leipzig (Germany) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 14: Arena – Wien (Austria) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 16: Kiff – Aarau (Switzerland) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 17: Backstage Werk – Munich (Germany) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 18: Trix – Antwerpen (Belgium) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 19: Essigfabrik – Cologne (Germany) + At The Gates & Morbus Chron
Dec 20: Postbahnhof – Berlin (Germany) At The Gates & Morbus Chron
May 23: Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore (US)
May 30: Temples Fest – Bristol (UK) /
Jun 13: Metalhead Meeting – Bucharest (Romania)
Jun 19: Hellfest – Clisson (France) /
Aug 05.-08: Brutal Assault Open Air – Jaromer (Czech Republic) /

Triptykon Official Site
Triptykon on Facebook

Morbus Chron- Sweven



In their relatively short existence, Morbus Chron have been a shining example of the limitless horizons that metal music is capable of reaching. Initially a very formidable addition to the Swedish death metal scene, their follow-up album took on additional psychedelic traits alongside its rawness and ferocity. Latest opus Sweven (Century Media) has gone to even more off the beaten track, and is almost unrecognisable to what they have done previous.

The primal feel of Sleepers In The Rift is virtually stripped away and is replaced with a much bigger prog rock influence. Opener ‘Bercuese’ in to the opening bars of ‘Chains’ give the atmosphere of floating in suspension as the tempo heightens before it erupts into black metal territory.

The sheer diversity of Sweven is quite remarkable, especially considering it’s quite linear predecessor. As well as its prog meets black metal core, there are even slower grooves, hints of pyschedlia and harmonious ambience. It flits from such a range of styles and tones yet it does so with such cohesion and ease. The only real criticism at Sweven is in its more aggressive passages where it sometimes feels like it needs more bite, but even this is minor.

Such a huge evolution between albums is an unprecedented feat, but one that Morbus Chron have managed with effortlessness, and in the process becoming an unrecognisable beast. In doing so however they are beginning to form their own true identity and place.



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