GUEST POST: Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift -Top Albums of the Year 2020

Ghost Cult continues our “End of Year Guest Post Extravaganza” with a slew of posts from bands, industry, PR pros, and more! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. In this edition, we have a list from Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift! Their excellent new album Enlightened in Eternity is out now!

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Morbus Chron- Sweven



In their relatively short existence, Morbus Chron have been a shining example of the limitless horizons that metal music is capable of reaching. Initially a very formidable addition to the Swedish death metal scene, their follow-up album took on additional psychedelic traits alongside its rawness and ferocity. Latest opus Sweven (Century Media) has gone to even more off the beaten track, and is almost unrecognisable to what they have done previous.

The primal feel of Sleepers In The Rift is virtually stripped away and is replaced with a much bigger prog rock influence. Opener ‘Bercuese’ in to the opening bars of ‘Chains’ give the atmosphere of floating in suspension as the tempo heightens before it erupts into black metal territory.

The sheer diversity of Sweven is quite remarkable, especially considering it’s quite linear predecessor. As well as its prog meets black metal core, there are even slower grooves, hints of pyschedlia and harmonious ambience. It flits from such a range of styles and tones yet it does so with such cohesion and ease. The only real criticism at Sweven is in its more aggressive passages where it sometimes feels like it needs more bite, but even this is minor.

Such a huge evolution between albums is an unprecedented feat, but one that Morbus Chron have managed with effortlessness, and in the process becoming an unrecognisable beast. In doing so however they are beginning to form their own true identity and place.



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