ALBUM REVIEW: Puscifer – Existential Reckoning : Rewired

Puscifer will always be best known as one of the many creative outlets for Tool / A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and as an avenue for the most obscure depths of his musical creativity. But the band has always been a collaborative affair, with Keenan working alongside many different artists over the years, with their albums subsequently always providing an infusion of many different ideas and experiences. Existential Reckoning : Rewired (Puscifer Entertainment / Alchemy Recordings/ BMG) is the remix accompaniment to their 2020 album, which itself was a typically avant-garde electro-rock melting pot of futuristic and otherworldly sounds.

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LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Puscifer – “Money Shot Live”

During the very strange time that is the Covid quarantine era, livestreams have become quite popular over the last year. Having seen a few of them, they are well produced and are meant to feel as if one is at the show, albeit with no one else around, and have been quite popular. Having said that, the latest Puscifer livestream entitled Billy D and the Hall of Feathered Serpents featuring Money Shot is on a whole different level! Starting off with Billy D (portrayed by Maynard James Keenan) ending up in an underground luchador bar with “bartesians” serving up experiences in a glass, each drink served up is named after a track from the Money Shot album.

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Video: Puscifer Announce New Album, Grand Canyon Single

Still from Pucifer's 'Grand Canyon' video, directed by Adam Rothlin

Still from Pucifer’s ‘Grand Canyon’ video, directed by Adam Rothlin


Puscifer, the band led by Maynard James Keenan of A Perfect Circle and Tool has announced an new album today, dubbed Money Shot. The album will release on October 30th. You can hear the new Puscifer track in the form for the music video for the song ‘Grand Canyon’ at this link or below:

The video is directed by Adam Rothlin, and stars Keenan and Carina Round. Kennan who has described Puscifer in the past as an outlet for his “creative unconscious” commented on the creation of the Money Shot album:


“It’s extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes..: And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes.”

Puscifer’s line-up was originally intended to be formless, with musicians coming in when Keenan needed, but currently features Round, Mat Mitchell, Juliette Commagere, Devo Keenan (Maynard’s son), Tim Alexander, Jon Theodore, Jeff Friedl and Matt McJunkins among their ranks.