ALBUM REVIEW: Acathexis – Immerse

Consisting of Jake, Dany, and Déhà, Acathexis unites members of Mare Cognitum, Los Males del Mundo, and Downfall of Nur together as an intercontinental unit based in Argentina, USA, and Belgium, In collaboration with Extraconscious Records, Amor Fati Productions proudly releases Acathexis’ second full length that is highly anticipated; entitled Immerse which is available on both CD and vinyl formats.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sweat – Love Child

Sweat are a Los Angeles trio composed of guitarist/vocalist Justin Smith, drummer Anthony Rivera, and frontwoman Tuna Tardugno who handles both the band’s vocals and album artwork.

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Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

When it comes to the enjoyment of music, it goes without saying that the most important of the five traditional human senses is hearing (well, duh). However, as anyone who has witnessed their infamous stage shows up close and personally can attest, smell can be just as important a sensory device with Swedish Black Metallers, Watain.Continue reading