ALBUM REVIEW: Acathexis – Immerse

Consisting of Jake, Dany, and Déhà, Acathexis unites members of Mare Cognitum, Los Males del Mundo, and Downfall of Nur together as an intercontinental unit based in Argentina, USA, and Belgium, In collaboration with Extraconscious Records, Amor Fati Productions proudly releases Acathexis’ second full length that is highly anticipated; entitled Immerse which is available on both CD and vinyl formats.

They have been accustomed to playing their own distinctive, searing style of atmospheric black metal, characterized by furious blast beats at the speed of light while accompanied by introspective passages that envisage turbulent emotions. Features of soul-crushing screams and solemn yet harsh guitar lines are also prominent in Acathexis’ journey of craftsmanship, making their sonic journey equivalent to the ebb and flow of human experience. Consisting of five long tracks, this album marks the triumph that they have achieved throughout the years through the always-captivating tonalities they have to offer. The riffs are all-around lacerating and almost cathartic– on my first listen of the first track “Dreams of Scorched Mirrors”, I was instantly reminded of the nuances from Deafheaven’s Sunbather. And I’m such a nerd about Sunbather, so that counts as a compliment from me.

In spite of the differences of time and distance that this collective faces, they still managed to present a pure and raw form of atmospheric transcendence where the tones still manage to be in an impressive quality– combined with the twists and turns they incorporate to make the songwriting more dynamic.

The paces of the tracks may vary as, for example, the second track “Adrift in Endless Tides” comes with a way slower pace and a more doomy atmosphere compared to the first– but that’s one of the reasons that makes the album multidimensional and versatile. I personally think that the last two tracks are strong on traditional black metal elements while the other three lean more on the atmospheric/Blackgaze-esque vibes.

Overall, this second album of theirs appears to be a borderless, consistent work of art which is worth listening to.

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8 / 10