EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: La Suspendia Shares a Music Video for “Laudes Mortuorum and Roll Call Of The Newly Dead”

La Suspendia is an acclaimed Jazz Metal Opera that has earned rave reviews from the music community. Ghost Cult covered one of the debut performances and it was wild! The project will release its self-titled debut album on March 15th, via the respected Silent Pendulum Records. Today they team up with Ghost Cult to share their new music video, “Laudes Mortuorum and Roll Call Of The Newly Dead!” Pre-order the album at the links below and watch the video now! Continue reading



All the signs are there: this is not going to be the easiest listening experience. From the likely purposefully awkward moniker, the cacophony of guest musicians (mostly drummers) and the self-processed palette of influences that range from Technical Death Metal to Classical; it does seem that Extreme Metaller’s OWDWYR purpose is to intrigue and to baffle in equal measure. The result of this; debut release Receptor (Self-Released) is, as expected, manic and as such, warrants hearing.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Kilter – “Sentient Robotics”

Avant-garde Jazz-Metal band Kilter is back with a new EP – Sys (Alter-Nativ Label) due out on June 25th. The trio led by bassist Laurent David (solo artist, many collaborations, Alter-Nativ owner) with drummer Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant) and saxophonist Ed Rosenberg III (Jerseyband, Heart of Barf). Following their exceptional 2019 album Axiom and a celebrated tour of Europe, the band continues to shapeshift and evolve with high-concept, heavy music. Watch the amazing new music video for their new single “Sentient Robotics” right now! 

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