ALBUM REVIEW: Argenthorns – The Ravening


This is one of those one-man Black Metal projects, isn’t it? Figured as much. What gave it away, you ask? Well before even listening to Argenthorn’s The Ravening (Avantgarde Music) the band’s name and record label sort of told me everything I needed to know. That and there’s a track titled ‘I Incursion II A Procession of Spectres.’

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EP REVIEW: High Command – Everlasting Torment

Formed in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2016, five-piece thrash outfit High Command follow up their 2017 debut full length Beyond the Wall of Desolation with digitally released single Everlasting Torment (both Southern Lord).Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: AllFather – ‘Blood Red Sunset’

BRS pic

A chimaera of Sludge, Metal, Doom and Hardcore, the Medway (UK) has disgorged a barrel of riffs and grooves from the febrile minds of AllFather, riff-mongers almighty.

As a teaser of what shall be, and to bridge the gap between their self-released digital EP No Gods, No Masters and 2016’s impending Bless The Earth With Fire, for which the band are currently seeking a suitable label home, Ghost Cult are pleased to exclusively stream ‘Blood Red Sunset’, the EP’s bonus track, and a reworking of AllFather’s first ever song.

AllFather 2015

AllFather 2015 Photo Credit: Pheobe Capon of Pheobe Capon Photography

Vocalist Tom affirms:

The power of the riff compels us, and G̶o̶d̶ Iommi guides our hand. Like chucking Conan the Barbarian and Godzilla into a bear-pit, only the best ideas come out, bloodied, but alive! AllFather take those bloodied ideas and battle-hardened riffs and deliver their own brand of metal. Whether taking the sadistic advocates of austerity and racism to task, or revelling in the way the sun glints off a raised battle axe, AllFather recognise that the world is a hard, cruel fucking place, and write songs big enough scare off the darkness.

With a bonus track this good, one can only guess the quality of the upcoming release:


You can download the band’s earlier material on a pay-what-you-want basis via AllFather’s Bandcamp page but with the disclaimer that there is far, far, better to come…

AllFather Logo


AllFather play the following UK shows between now and the end of the year:

Nov 6: Lady Luck Bar – Canterbury, UK

Nov 13: The Red Lion – Gravesend, UK

Dec 11: Harp Restrung – Folkestone, UK