ALBUM REVIEW: Scarcity – The Promise Of Rain

Second album from Scarcity, the Brooklyn based avantgarde Black Metal collective, who have managed to create a sound like no other on a record that well and truly bends the mind. This is black metal, but not as we know it. True, the blackened-screams of vocalist Doug Moore (Pyrrhon / Seputus) are delivered with a typical dark venom, but they are perhaps the most conventional aspect of the sound Scarcity purvey.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Argenthorns – The Ravening


This is one of those one-man Black Metal projects, isn’t it? Figured as much. What gave it away, you ask? Well before even listening to Argenthorn’s The Ravening (Avantgarde Music) the band’s name and record label sort of told me everything I needed to know. That and there’s a track titled ‘I Incursion II A Procession of Spectres.’ 

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ALBUM REVIEW: ISON – Stars and Embers – Avantgarde Music


Stars & Embers (Avantgarde Music) is the third album from Sweden’s ISON. The project is led by Daniel Änghede, who writes and produces the music. For this release, he is joined by new full-time vocalist Lisa Cuthbert, plus guest singers Mikael Stanne, circle&wind, and Dimming.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bosco Sacro – Gem


Gem (Avantgarde Music) is the debut album from Italy’s Bosco Sacro, a band formed in 2020 by seasoned contributors to the Italian and European underground heavy music scene. 

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Black Metal Special – I Am The Night – Freja – The Dark Overlords – Vimur – Haunter – Moonlight Sorcery

I Am The Night – While The Gods Are Sleeping (Svart)

While The Gods Are Sleeping is the debut album from Finnish black metal artists, I Am The Night. The band is made up of veterans of the scene that includes members of Insomnium, Paradise Lost and Omnium Gatherum. Here is an album dripping with nineties Norwegian black metal goodness clearly inspired by the works of Mayhem and Emperor. The traditional style and sounds are performed flawlessly by I Am The Night. The band not only plays a great tribute to the classic second wave of black metal but still manages to stamp their own signature on it.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Oceansnow – Vivienne

Following on from dropping their debut EP Celestial Towers Of Silver Ash in 2021, Vivienne is the follow up release from Oceansnow, having signed with Italy’s Avantgarde Music a label specialising in quality black and doom metal in all their forms, with recent notable releases from the likes of A Pale December and Noircure, and a stable which also includes Abigor and Violet ColdContinue reading

Chrome Waves Signs New Deal With Avantgarde Music, New Tour Dates Announced

Underground post-Black metal supergroup Chrome Waves (members of Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams, Amiensus) has signed a new deal with long-running label Avantgarde Music, for the European vinyl release of the band’s recently released debut LP, the acclaimed A Grief Observed. Chrome Waves’ has booked a Midwestern June US tour with Tombs approaches and West Coast dates with Suicide Forest in August.Continue reading

Forgotten Tomb and Nocturnal Depression Booking Upcoming European Tour

forgotten tomb 2

Italian back/doom metallers Forgotten Tomb and French metallers Nocturnal Depression will be teaming up for an upcoming European tour in late October and early November 2015. Forgotten Tomb is supporting their latest record Hurt Yourself And the Ones You Love, out now via Agonia Records, and Nocturnal Depression is supporting Spleen Black Metal, out now via Avantgarde Music.

Confirmed dates include:

May 16: Melna Piektdiena – Riga (LAT)
May 17: Kulturos Baras Kablys – Vilnius (LIT)
May 30: Billar Billy’s – Mexico City (MX)
Jun 06: Metropol Live Stage – Kiev (UKR)
Aug 09: Agglutination Metal Festival – Chiaromonte (PZ) (IT)
Sep 18: Phoenix Club – St. Petersburg (RU)
Sep 19: Rock House – Moscow (RU)

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