Spider Ball 2020 at SXSW Books The Well, Life, Rainbows Are Free, Geezer, Void Vater, Shark Muffin!

One of the most anticipated events of SXSW is announced as Gravitoyd Presents and The Bird Barn Austin present Spider Ball 2020 showcase by Ripple Music and Small Stone Records with a killer lineup of Stoner, Doom, and Psychedelic Rock bands! The full list of bands includes The Well, Life, Rainbows Are Free, Geezer, Void Vater, Shark Muffin, The Glasspack, Lowcaster, Pale Grey Lore, The Boleys, Dayeater, Holy Death Trio, Jason Kane & The Jive, Temptress, SecondHand Shag, Warlung, Marco And The Human, Smokey Mirror, WoodenEarth, The Bobby Lees, Bridge Farmers, Monte Luna, Yatra, Grave Next Door and many more listed below. We also have the running order too! Taking place at Spiderhouse on March 20th all day and night from 1PM to 2 AM. Continue reading

Irata: New Song Premiere- ‘Semjase’


Ghost Cult Magazine is pleased to bring you the premiere stream of the new song by stoner-rock masters Irata: ‘Semjase’, from their upcoming split with Solar Halos. The split is the debut release from the newly formed CrimsonEye Records (CER-001), highlighting the best new music from these two up and coming heavy bands hailing from North Carolina. On the strength of their recent EP Vultures, and their previous full-length, Irata continues to forge ahead; building on the foundation they began with. Their calling cards are unique vocals, psychedelic riffs, heavy beats, massive hooks, and compelling lyrics.

Stretching out from under the wing of their producer, Phillip Cope of Kylesa, ‘Semjase’ hints at the growth of the band and foretells where they are heading next. A sprawling, patient epic of a track, ‘Semjase’ has a mantra-like refrain that will latch on to you and not let go. Irata shares a lineage, with the avant-garde leaning, southern metal scene that has already birthed Baroness, Torche, Black Tusk, Monstro, plus adding in post-rock and prog influences for good measure.

Made up of members of Horseback, Curtains of Night, Caltrop, Fin Fang Foom, to doomy Solar Halos are no slouches either, so this split is really worth getting. The pre-order went live yesterday from CrimsonEye’s Bandcamp and Website. It comes out as a 10″ on July 22 in 100 coke bottle clear and 200 translucent red.



Editor’s note: We have removed our preview. Feel free to check out the links at the bottom of this post, and support an underground band.


Pre-Order the Split from CrimsonEye

CrimsonEye Records on Bandcamp

Irata on Facebook

Solar Halos on Facebook