REVIEW: New York Comic-Con 2018

Ghost Cult invaded New York Comic Con for the first time ever this year and it was, in a word a spectacle. It was a feast for the senses, except the olfactory. The only downside to the entire weekend besides the swarm of people like squiddies in The Matrix was the smell. The smell of movie theater butter popcorn, no doubt delights most people like a childhood memory burned on the brain. To me, it is vomit inducing in mass quantities and there was not one corner of the Javits Center that was not baked in this smell. Other than that is was a perfect combination of geeks, artists, and Cos-players and superfans. Comic-Con is vast and exhilarating. It’s incredible and a little scary to be honest. It was amazing overall. Continue reading

Audio: Red Fang Debut Not For You Single, Tour Of Europe Begins Tonight


Red Fang has released the next single from their forthcoming new album, Only Ghosts, due out on October 14th from Relapse Records. The premiered the track at BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show. Continue reading

Close Encounters Of The Death Metal Kind – Kevin Quilligan of Apophys

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While Technical Death Metal is a mutating scene, increasing in profile, it is still far from the maddening crowd of commercial success. Add in a band with a penchant for a science fiction theme or 2001, and Dutch metallers Apophys could well be described as somewhat niche. Featuring members (past and present) of God Dethroned, Erebus, Toxocara and Prostitute Disfigurement, this Kampen quintet, have caught not just their own imaginations but the eye of Metal Blade. Their first promo, quickly led to their acclaimed full length Prime Incursion.

“This time, something was different.” Vocalist Kevin Quilligan is talking about the moment he and long-time band mate Sanne van Dijk had, as they were wont to do, gotten together to chuck around some ideas. At the time, there was no real serious intent behind it, they weren’t going boldly anywhere until the spark of creativity caught fire, engulfing the pair with an interest in their new work. We’ve been writing and recording songs for years like that, but this time the material felt like it took a life of its own. Michiel (van der Plicht – drums) soon joined to record a promo and everything went incredibly fast from there.”


Turning in an album of relentless battery is of itself something of an art form, let alone one that maintains the atmosphere of the chilling film Event Horizon. “When I think of Technical Death Metal, I think of Origin, Archspire and Soreption” continues the Throat of Apophys. “I always viewed ourselves as being somewhat more traditional. Sure we have technical elements, but this is not our priority at all. I just want to write killer tracks that are well arranged and filled with little details.

“I personally feel you should always go for broke if you have any kind of ambitions of becoming a successful artist. And so we did, and it worked. There’s basically nothing more than that, we took a shot and it worked out better than we could imagine.”

Apophys bandphoto 2

As the popularity of Technical Death Metal grows, so does interest in the genre as a whole. With their debut out and garnering “a ton of great response from press and fans”, where does Quilligan see his newest outfit fitting in? “I don’t really think (Technical Death Metal) is a fair representation of our sound but I’ve never been one to lose sleep over genres. It baffles me to see people take so much time online to discuss what genre a band fits into, it’s almost fascinating.” While Technical Death Metal is a tag that fits due to the blistering performance of the aforementioned van der Plicht and the non-too-shabby six-stringing, the roots of Apophys are of a more traditional bent. “I mostly describe Apophys as a Death Metal band that is heavily influence by the mid 90’s US Death with plenty of modern elements to keep a fresh sound.”

From a promo to an album at the speed of the Millenium Falcon with a working hyperdrive, thoughts have already turned to a sequel. If Prime Incursion is their Star Trek: The Motion Picture, could the follow up be their Wrath Of Khan and really establish the band…? “Things went incredibly quick for us as soon as the promo was released. So we didn’t really take the time to sit down and talk about what we were planning to do, we just went with the natural flow of things. I feel we did achieve what we set out to do with this release, to appear on the scene with a bang.

“We are already working on some new material with more of a general concept in mind, musically and lyrically we want to expand more; more layering in the songs, more sci-fi, more sound design, more art.”

As excited as Quilligan is about beginning work on a follow up to Prime Incursion he is also fired up about the looming spectre of Episode VII having seen the Comic-con vid, and other trailers.

“I’m pretty excited to see the new Star Wars, I really want to see what they would do with the concept years after the originals came out. I love Star Wars, watched all the episodes vigorously as a kid and I still consider Empire Strikes Back one of the best sci-fi films out there. I read something about die-hard fans being upset about the cross guards on the new light saber, and I would like to use this opportunity to state my personal opinion on this matter: If I would have a laser sword that could cut of my limbs in the blink of an eye, I would be extremely happy on having a solid cross guard on there. Historically it would make sense also seeing as both Luke and Vader have their sword arm cut off at one point.

“I’m just waiting patiently for light saber nunchakus, wouldn’t that be sweet?”


Trent Reznor And David Fincher Are Making Fight Club The Musical


Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor and award-winning film director David Fincher are working on a “rock opera” Broadway Musical version of Fincher’s 1999 cult movie classic Fight Club. The project was confirmed last weekend by Fight Club book author Chuck Palahniuk during a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Notable Broadway and film director Julie Taymor (The Lion King, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark) is said to be attached as well.

Renzor and Fincher have collaborated in the past on lauded film soundtracks such as The Social Network, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and 2014’s hit Gone Girl. They began their long association with Reznor contributing to Fincher’s soundtrack for the movie Seven and the Nine Inch Nails video for ‘Only’ from With Teeth (Interscope).

Walking Dead/SkyBound Entertainment, Nuclear Blast Team Up For Comic Con Sampler

the walking dead nuclear blast

Skybound Entertainment, a creator owned arts company founded by some of the producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead have teamed up with Nuclear Blast Records for a Comic-Con sampler. The sampler will feature new music from bands such as Slayer , Fear Factory, Children of Bodom, Soilwork, Soulfly and more. The sampler will be available to pickup

Fans in attendance at Comic Con can visit the Skybound Entertainment booth (#2729), as well as the Nuclear Blast/Stern Pinball/KVH toys/JSR Merchandising booth (#501) today, Wednesday, July 8th, and pick up a FREE CD sampler and to check out the latest releases from both companies!

Shawn Kirkham, Director of Business Development, Skybound Entertainment commented on the crossover.

The entire Skybound Entertainment team is excited to partner with Nuclear Blast and their stellar line up of artists on this special edition sampler CD available at San Diego Comic-Con. We’re looking forward to providing a soundtrack for fans of The Walking Dead and Skybound universe”

Gerardo Martinez, Nuclear Blast Label Manager also commented.

To keep with the tradition of amazing cross-overs and collaborations for SDCC, this year we’ve hooked up with our friends atSkybound Entertainment who are celebrating 5 years as a company for an amazing The Walking Dead style music CD sampler with some of the newest and upcoming Nuclear Blast artists’ songs! The Walking Dead and Nuclear Blast, the perfect marriage made in HELL!!!”

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