ALBUM REVIEW: Bossk – .4

When you think of British Post-Metal, Bossk are almost certainly one the first bands that spring to mind. A truly remarkable outfit that undoubtedly take influence from the likes of Isis, while they also often groove musically in the style of many of the great Stoner bands of the nineties. Named after an alien from Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, the Kent-based collective have been plugging away since 2005, when early EPs and a strong reputation as a live band saw them tour with the likes of Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Baroness and Devil Sold His Soul. While their studio output really came into its own with the release of their fine debut LP Audio Noir in 2016, before following this up with the equally as classy Migration in 2021.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Jamison Friesen of Arrival Of Autumn Breaks Down “Kingdom Undone” and More!


Ghost Cult’s Omar caught up with Jamison of  Arrival of Autumn on the eve of their new album – “Kingdom Undone” – out this week via  Nuclear Blast Records!  In a wide-ranging chat, the pair discussed the growth of the band over three albums, the new album with an in-depth breakdown, and some other topics such as Star Wars and touring. 

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PODCAST: Episode 266 – The Steve and Keefy Power Hour, May 2023 Edition


Execute Order 66 – on your eardrums! It’s a May the 4th (be with you) special edition of The Steve and Keefy Power Hour! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy, recapping the Rock and Metal Releases for April 2023, and previewing May’s essential new heavy music! They may or may not be playing with their action figures as they chop it up! Yes, they discuss the new Metallica and Overkill, too! Shoutout to our amazing team of reviewers worldwide.


In the end, everything comes back to Mat Davies and Iron Maiden.

RIP to the Master. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Galactic Empire – Special Edition


Formed in a seedy Pennsylvanian cantina in 2015, the rise of Star Wars obsessionists Galactic Empire has been noticeable even to those not blessed with force sensitivity. What began as a bit of fun jamming with Ortolans and Pa’lowicks has quickly led to world tours, videos with millions of views, and seen more costume changes than a shopping trip with Princess Leia and Padmé Amidala.

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Star Wars-Themed Band Ecryptus Streams Their New EP “Kyr’am Beskar” – Out Now!

The Atlanta Georgia based Star Wars-themed Death Metal band Ecryptus (Mandalorian for “Death Metal”) has dropped their new EP today via SBDC Records, Kyr’am Beskar! The EP contains tracks “Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre,” “Planetary Enslavement,” “Compulsion to Disintegrate,” and “Digested Over a Thousand Years.” Oppressed by the tyranny of the rebel forces, the EP tells takes of the Dark Side and the Canon Arcane.Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: May 29th New Music Releases

Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

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Nonpoint to Release “Alive and Kicking” Digital Album Tomorrow

Nonpoint will release a new live album tomorrow on all DSPs! The record Alive and Kicking for May the 4th(Be With You Day) from their online series of “Quarantine Sessions”, in which the band played live online and interacted with fans. You can see the slick Star Wars artwork and some sample posts the band shared online. Continue reading


In this edition of our Reviews Round-Up, our fearless Editor Steve Tovey takes on some new and recently released albums to see if they pass the smell test.
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Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire

If you’re male and in your late thirties or forties then there’s a good chance that Star Wars played a significant part in your childhood. From the movies themselves to the toys, books, comics, games, clothes, and basically the relentless merchandising conveyor belt in general, Star Wars was everywhere.Continue reading

Musicians Mourn Film Icon Carrie Fisher

Shock and sadness swept the internet yesterday as word came down that actress and cultural icon Carrie Fisher had died at age 60. Fisher, best known as Princess Leia Organa in five of the eight released films in the Star Wars film franchise, passed away from complications from a heart attack she suffered before Christmas. Musicians, artists, and fans from across the world flooded social media with their reactions of anger and grief:Continue reading