INTERVIEW: Four Stroke Baron Talk “Data Diamond”

Four Stroke Baron defy convention and boldly go where few bands have gone before with the smirking and cinematic future shock brilliance of Data Diamond. The falsetto and manipulated vocals on “1000 Threads” paired with heavy sci-fi Nu groove makes you feel adrift in space. It is a swan dive into embracing the chaos, mutating and adapting while trying to find yourself. Certain moments feel like the dark guitars of Korn, Once Human, or Gojira suddenly morphed into Massive Attack. 

There is so much here for repeated listens and it was cool to get to talk about the new album with the band. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Unleash The Archers – Phantoma

Unleash the Archers is a band that reliably produces songs that are unconventional and wildly exciting. This Canadian Power Metal act has broken barriers in the genre by their dauntless divergences, hearty songwriting, and overall efficacious passion. The quintet is preparing to release their sixth full-length album, Phantoma (Napalm Records), which elevates their innovative skills and strengths to new heights.

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PODCAST: EPISODE 352 – Weslie Negron Interviews Pomegranate Tiger 

Ghost Cult scribe Weslie Negron Pagan interviews Progressive metal artist Pomegranate Tiger, all about his new album – the first in 7 years, All Input Is Error!  They discussed the new album, his career up until now, the concept of the album – Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating instrumental music, and much more!

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A New AI Has Created a Stream of Non-Stop Death Metal

The future may indeed include robots gaining sentience and taking over humanity, but in the meantime, we’ll settle for some AI generated death metal. According to Engadget, CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski and their Dadabots AI band project uses a recurrent neural network to identify patterns in the music, predict the most common elements and reproduce them. They just launched a YouTube channel to share the results, a never-ending, AI-generated stream of precision death metal. While there is a definitely a blackened death feel and relentless robotic lack of feeling to the songs, it is still pretty damn badass! Check it out! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Lost In Kiev – “Persona”

The purveyors of avant-garde greatness in the music world, Pelagic Records have announced the signing of French post-Rock greats Lost in Kiev for their new album! Persona, the bands’ third and most ambitious album is coming on the 26th of April from the label. A futuristic concept album about artificial intelligence and what it means for us once it permeates every moment of life. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The group has made a cinematic score to the film now playing in your mind after you’ve felt the weight of these tracks. Watch the debut video for the title track right now here at Ghost Cult! Continue reading