ALBUM REVIEW: Grand Cadaver – Deities Of Deathlike Sleep


Grand Cadaver are another Death-Metal ‘supergroup’ who much like Bloodbath are unashamedly re-visiting the sound of their youth, and the iconic nineties Swedish style made famous by the likes of At The Gates, Entombed, et al.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Feral Light – Psychic Contortions 

Recorded in July 2021 at The Crypt South, Psychic Contortions (I, Voidhanger) is the fourth studio album from Minnesota duo Feral Light, aka Andy Schoengrund (vocals, guitars, bass) and Andrew Reesen (drums), who have previously been involved with bands such as Wolvhammer and Empires and features seven tracks of obscure and experimental crust-infused black metal, with a distinct originality that sets them apart from the pack. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Patterns of Decay – Patterns of Decay 

Patterns Of Decay have been peddling their full-throttle brand of Metal since 2014, gigging in and around their native New York and having previously released their debut EP Malicious Intent in that year, and their follow-up LP Suicide Note In Comic Sans in 2018. Continue reading