INTERVIEW: Tom Osman Interviews My Dying Bride’s Andrew Craighan About “A Mortal Binding”

In this episode, Andrew Craighan, founding member and guitarist of ⁠My Dying Bride⁠, has a compelling discussion with Tom Osman about the band’s latest release, “A Mortal Binding,” available now via ⁠Nuclear Blast Records⁠. Gain a deeper understanding of the album’s concepts and the band’s enduring influence on the metal genre.

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You can order “A Mortal Binding” here:

My Dying Bride are:
Aaron Stainthorpe | vocals
Andrew Craighan | guitars
Lena Abé | bass
Shaun MacGowan | keyboards / violin
Neil Blanchett | guitars
Dan Mullins | drums

The Usual Suspects:
Interview by Tom Osman:⁠

Editing by Omar Cordy:

Theme music by Salted Wounds⁠⁠

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