ALBUM REVIEW: Knocked Loose – You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To

Kentucky Hardcore stalwarts Knocked Loose continue to march forward in their vision of beatdown in the form of their third full-length, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To (Pure Noise). Twenty-seven minutes of cathartic aggression laced with panic riffs of nu-metal fame and climaxing at soul-crushing breakdowns is all the band needs to prove their rightful spot in the upper echelon of modern Hardcore. With three absolute banger singles put out before release of the album, the rest of the tracks need to stand out on their own as well, which they do.

“Thirst” is quite the opening track that does have an intro, but nothing cheesy, just some ambient noise, a metal pipe clanging, and then Bryan Garris screaming that absolutely jumpscared me. The song evolves quickly for a track that is less than two minutes long, but do not worry as the breakdown at the end wraps up this first track nicely.

“Take Me Home” is an anxiety-inducing track as it opens with a repeating guitar melody heard on the previous track “Moss Covers All” briefly. The bass line in the first half of the song adds to the overall uncomfortability before the rest of the band comes in and finishes with a similar themed breakdown.

“Slaughterhouse 2” requires a quick mention as I am not a fan of Motionless In White at all, but Chris Motionless (vocalist) fits really well with Knocked Loose on this track. Garris certainly is the lead vocalist but Motionless’s short sections and backing spots compliment this Metalcore-first-type song.

The closing track “Sit & Mourn” is the longest on the album at just shy of five minutes, but really puts a weathered and beaten bow atop You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To. The panic riffs in the guitar lead over the thunderous rhythm guitar riffs screams nu-metal and awakens my inner child. For this reason, this track is the most experimental off the album and is an absolute hit.

Knocked Loose, once again, has planted their flag in the soil of Hardcore with this latest album. You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To is going to be an album that people look back at years from now and appreciate. At the very least, even people who are not fans will not have any memes to make regarding ARF ARF because this band is no joke.

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9 / 10