ALBUM REVIEW: Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer


I like a good challenge. Every so often, I fire up my ol’ NES and give Battletoads another go. I don’t think I will ever complete the hoverbike level but I still manage to have a good time. So when my editor suggested I review the new album by Dance Gavin Dance, a band that is far outside my usual fare of extreme metal, I happily accepted the challenge.

I must be a sadist.

Dance Gavin Dance is a combination of post-hardcore, progressive rock and plenty of experimental material. The band has stayed consistently busy with plenty of releases since their 2007 debut. Jackpot Juicer (Rise Records) is the band’s tenth studio album and with eighteen tracks, and well over an hour of play time, Dance Gavin Dance have plenty of new material to keep their fan base happy.

I often hear the phrase, “It’s not my cup of tea,” which I’ve never really liked as I don’t really drink tea so I’ll just say this isn’t my jam. I love a good PB&J. When I see a band with 3 words for their name it’s usually a sign that their sound will receive a pass from me. Yes, I am well aware I come off as an old man that occasionally yells at clouds. That being said, I am reviewing this album to the best of my ability for this genre and style.

The band does come up with some interesting melodies, nice grooves and your standard deathcore chugging. Occasionally Dance Gavin Dance adds in some winding and noodling guitar riffs to fill out their sound. Kind of reminds me of the less intense Rings of Saturn. Their electronics are actually pretty cool as well and hit just right whenever they are utilized . For me, this is part of their sound that stands this band out from the hundreds of bands in this field.

The hardcore vocals work and are utlized well for the band’s style when they perform some of their heavier parts. The clean vocals are too sing-songy and cheesy for me to take seriously, though, and the band did without the boy band/311/falsetto popstar singing, I could actually jam this as musically the album gets a thumbs up from me.

Jackpot Juicer is a creative effort and with its extra long length, fans are going to get their money’s worth. When bands hit the double digits in album releases, the music tends to get a little stale but Dance Gavin Dance show that can still colberate and come up with new, intriguing and rocking tracks at this stage of their career.

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7 / 10