ALBUM REVIEW: Adanowsky – The Fool


The multicultural and multi-talented Adanowsky has turned his hands to many things – acting, directing, producing, and making music. Written during the pandemic and taking inspiration from tarot cards, is his latest album The Fool (Universal Music Mexico). This is the French-Chilean-Mexican polymath’s tenth album and it is a down-to-earth one; a soft and melodious melting pot of pop, indie, folk, funk, and his Latin American roots.


The record starts with two famous cameos, the first one being Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s fame on ‘When The Angel Comes’ – a lush slice of light and airy indie-pop with Karen’s and Adanowsky’s smooth vocals mixing well together. The second is Beck, who lends his pipes to ‘Chain Reactionary’ – a subtle funk track with a relaxed atmosphere that is ever present throughout the record. This laid-back aura is key to ‘Todo Es Perfecto’, an easy-going soft rocker with seventies-era Fleetwood Mac stylings.

Whether it be the silky yacht pop of ‘Noche Fría’ – one of many songs sung in Spanish – or the funk infused lounge music of ‘Agradecido’, this record creates a warming, almost soporific atmosphere. The album was recorded on analogue equipment using vintage, 1960s guitars and its warm and unfussy production lends itself to this chilled-out atmosphere.


The Fool is a bit too laid back at times, it could do with a few more moments of get up and go. We get glimpses of this in the pseudo disco number ‘Te Fuiste’, which grows in stature towards some jaunty piano and a unique, squawking guitar solo. Not to mention the smooth ‘Alejandro’, with its
Disco-esque drum beat, upbeat piano, and a glammy guitar solo.


Adanowsky’s tenth album is a silky smooth mix of funk, folk, and indie-infused pop with a relaxed atmosphere and warming, analogue production values.


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7 / 10