The Speed Of Sound Share a Video for “Trickledown” and Drop Their New Album

Manchester indie rock psychonauts, The Speed Of Sound, have just put out their latest video, “Trickledown,” having earlier shared “The Great Acceleration” and “West Wind.” All three songs come from their brand new album, A Cornucopia: Minerva, out now on California-based cult label Big Stir Records. Check out the new video below and read more from the band.
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Bon Jovi Drop Their New Single and Video “Living Proof” – New Album Out Soon

Grammy Award®-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Bon Jovi, recently shared their latest song “Living Proof,” along with a lyric video. The energetic anthem sets up the arrival of their upcoming 16th studio album, Forever, due out on June 7, 2024, via Island Records. Check out the new song and more from the band below.
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Noroth Share a Single and Video for “Adorned In Rotting Flesh” – New Album Out Soon

Seattle death metal trio, Noroth, have unveiled a video for their track “Adorned In Rotting Flesh,” created by Biaggo Comeriato. The song is taken from their upcoming full-length, Sacrificial Solace, which comes out through Carbonized Records on June 07th. Catch the new track and video below.
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New Music Friday – New Rock and Metal Releases 5-24-24

Who’s your top cover this week?

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical 182: Queen – “News Of The World” or A Tale of Two Records

Is this thing on? We are doing our sixth (out of nine) episode on Queen! “News Of The World” was the bands’ reaction to Punk Rock, The Sex Pistols, and a throwback to their blues rock roots, before they were prog!Continue reading

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Roadburn Festival 2024 Part 1 – Various Venues

Full disclosure there is in no way I can present an unbiased opinion about Roadburn. This is my seventh straight year and I’m gifted a much greater amount of privilege than the average attendee. I’ve earned lifelong friendships. It’s become more than just a music festival for me. It’s a second home for five days out of every year. I’m allowed to work alongside other extremely talented and hard-working photographers and for a limited time at the beginning of every set I’m granted the best spot in the house. For me music is my safe space vs photography which is my special interest.Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Esodic – De Facto De Jure

I’m searching for an analogy on this one. Guess the only thing that springs to mind on this humid evening is when you’re watching Anthony Bourdain (RIP) on No Reservations and he goes to a Tapas place or some fancy small plate restaurant. The micro bites seem delicious, and the chef is eager to share the details behind the dishes but can’t help to think that Bourdain must’ve helped himself to a sandwich afterwards. No way he was just satisfied with the doll-sized portions, right? Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Rae and Kayhan of Wretched Blessing (Yautja, Immortal Bird, Coliseum) Breakdown Their Debut EP

In this new episode we chatted with new Chicago-based extreme metal duo Wretched Blessing released their debut self-titled EP! Featuring members of Yautja, Immortal Bird, Coliseum, and other projects, the duo of Rae Amitay and Kayhan Vaziri are united by their love of all things, heavy, and complex, but also curious to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. In this wide-ranging chat with Keefy about the formation of the group, the writing process, a track-by-track breakdown, the artwork, hot takes about Chicago living and much more!Continue reading