ALBUM REVIEW: The Mosaic Window – Plight of Acceptance


Listening to The Mosaic Window’s Plight of Acceptance (Willowtip Records) I can’t help but think of a particular scene from The Crow. Yeah, the one film that depends on how you feel about Dark City may be Alex Proyas’ sole seminal work. Our antagonist Top Dollar laments that the thrill of Devil’s Night is gone and proclaims, “The problem is, it’s all been done before…” and why that’s the best reason to quit.

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CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Thirty Years of “Vulgar Display of Power” By Pantera  

By 1992, Metal was all but on its knees. Traditional bands had become dinosaurs and previously popular scenes were burnt out. There were exceptions, of course. Slayer were playing arenas, Metallica had global domination in their sights, death metal was approaching its peak and across northern Europe, black metal was literally rising from the ashes of burned churches. But for the rest of the world, grunge and other alternative scenes were the new kings, all drawing inspiration from the bands they were replacing but without any of that old fashioned baggage.Continue reading

Witchery – I Am Legion

Formed in Linköping, Sweden twenty years ago, Witchery were born from the ashes of cult metal act Satanic Slaughter and have spent the last two decades writing joyful little (de)compositions about all things evil and dead. Or both… After a change in personnel for previous release, In His Infernal Majesty’s Service, the Blackened Thrash act are back with the same line-up to unleash their seventh full-length album, I Am Legion (both Century Media), and to absolutely no-one’s surprise, evil and death remain high on the list of subjects covered.Continue reading

In Search Of Sun Share New Video – Bad Girl, New Album Out Now

London based rockers In Search Of Sun have released a new music video for their track ‘Bad Girl’, which pays homage to 1970 horror classic The Exorcist. The track features a guest spot from Monuments guitarist, John Browne, and comes from their recent release Virgin Funk Mother (Spinefarm) which is out now. Watch the video below.Continue reading

Employed To Serve – The Warmth Of A Dying Sun

Following a few excessively raw and highly abrasive EPs, the UK’s Employed To Serve turned a few heads in 2015 with the release of their hungry—nay, starving and salivating—debut full-length Greyer Than You Remember. Now, with The Warmth Of A Dying Sun (both Holy Roar), they are poised to turn quite a few more.Continue reading

Slagmaur – Thill Smitts Terror

I am no leading authority on Black Metal. As I stated in my review for Woe’s outstanding new album, Hope Attrition (Vendetta), I do enjoy many of the legendary Norwegian bands, but these days on the topic of Black Metal I tend to focus on the North American scene. And maybe it’s because of that Woe review that I was assigned Slagmaur’s latest, Thill Smitts Terror (Osmose).Continue reading