ALBUM REVIEW: Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

Some good advice I received from my mentor in music criticism was to never underestimate or pigeonhole an artist. Cradle of Filth has made a twenty-five year career out of Black and Death Metal music supremacy, often covering the dark and all about that blasphemous life. Although she definitely has earned her place in that world as a member of that band, singer and multi-talented musician Lindsay Schoolcraft displays a wide array of gifts will not fit in a neat box for you to file and categorize. On her debut solo album Martyr (Self-Released), she satisfies her jones (and ours) for all types of Gothy Metal and Rock styles.

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PODCAST: Episode #52 – Lindsay Schoolcraft Discusses Debut Solo Album

Ghost Cult caught up with the incredible artist Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) to discuss her upcoming debut solo album, Martyr (Self-Released) releasing this Friday, October 7th. We chatted with her about the path to her creating the album, working with one of her heroes Rocky Gray (Evanescence), choosing guest artists, hiring her touring band, working with her team for a truly DIY release, and much more.Continue reading

Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares “Saviour” Music Video

Cradle of Filth keyboardist/vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft has just released her video for ‘Saviour’ from her upcoming solo release Martyr, due out on October 7th. The album was co-written with former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and offers eleven tracks of entrancing gothic rock, influenced by Schoolcraft’s background in classical music. Watch the haunting video, set in a church right now!Continue reading

Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares Lyric Video to New Single “See The Light”, ft. Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) has now shared a stunning lyric video for the second single from her debut solo album. Co-written by Rocky Gray (Evanescence), ‘See The Light’, features vocals from Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris. Her album, Martyr,  releases in October, but you can purchase and stream the tracks now! Continue reading

Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares New Single “See The Light”, ft. Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) has shared her second single from her debut solo album. Co-written by Rocky Gray (Evanescence), ‘See The Light’, features vocals from Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris. Her album releases in October, but you can purchase and stream the tracks now! Continue reading

Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares Stunning Cover of The Cure’s “Lullaby”

After announcing her debut solo-album, Cradle of Filth Singer/Keyboardist has shared her cover of The Cure’s ‘Lullaby’. In the first taste of new music from her album, Schoolcraft flexes her considerable vocal talents on this unique take on a memorable song. We’re looking forward to hearing the originals on the album created with former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray. Jam the track out now complete with a sick lyric video!Continue reading

Lindsay Schoolcraft To Release Debut Solo Album

Lindsay Schoolcraft, best known as the longest-running keyboardist and vocalist of Cradle of Filth has announced her long in the works debut full-length solo album, Martyr will release on October 7th. The album was co-written by former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and offers eleven tracks of influenced by Schoolcraft’s background in classical music, Goth rock, metal and more. Continue reading

Cradle of Filth’s Lindsay Schoolcraft Books Debut Solo Tour Of Australia

Cradle of Filth keyboardist and vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft is embarking on a tour as a solo artist. She has booked a round of DJ sets in Sydney, Perth and a world-first solo headline show in Melbourne. Schoolcraft’s solo material is described as a blend of Gothic rock, Nu Metal, and subtle electronics. Her solo band even includes some rock royalty, former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray! Known for her work the last few years in Cradle, she has contributed to their last few albums, Hammer of the Witches and Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay, and supported the band on several world tours, including Australia, this past spring. Continue reading

Video Premiere: Solus Deus – Horror Of Nothingness

still image from Solus Deus Horror of Nothingness


Ghost Cult brings you the new video from California thug metallers  Solus Deus today. You can watch the zombie-themed video for their track ‘Horror of Nothingness’ at this link or below:


Solus Deus is comprised of members of bands such as Bleed the Sky, Chimaira, the Elite, Living Sacrifice & Once to Die and mashes up the gore of death metal, the grooves of deathcore and lyrical themes from the slasher films and the streets. The band has booked a gig this December 18th at The Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, opening for Asesino and Sons of Eli.

solus deus asensino flyer

Solus Deus is:

Jey Collins – vocals

Wayne Miller – guitar

Rocky Gray – guitar

Tony Sciangello – bass

Austin D’Amond – drums

Photo By Sik Imagery

Photo By Sik Imagery

Solus Deus online

Solus Deus on Facebook

Solus Deus on Twitter

Interview: Solus Deus – Going Thug Metal

Photo By Sik Imagery

Photo By Sik Imagery

Very few bands are bold enough to know who they are and what their music is about from early on. For Southern California metal band Solus Deus, they took their love of extreme metal with groove and a stompy punch to its sound to create a sound they call thug metal.

Thug metal? Yes, thug metal. Heavy metal with the right amount of thug.

“That is exactly what we’re trying to say. It’s not like we’re trying to be a “subgenre or anything like that. It’s a sound,” said vocalist Jey Collins, about Solus Deus’ sound. “The song describes what we feel about it. It talks about Cannibal Corpse and Tupac and going into the extremes. That’s what we’re influenced by.”

The band started in 2012, with Collins and guitarist Wayne Miller, who played on Bleed The Sky’s debut album Paradigm in Entropy. The two began writing music together, sharing a common bond of heavy music.

“Me and Wayne have been always trying to get together to write music, even before Bleed The Sky. So we’ve been trying to write together for a long time. We were able to meet up and get some stuff rolling.”

Photo By Sik Imagery

Photo By Sik Imagery

Drummer Austin D’Amond, Miller’s former bandmate in Bleed the Sky (and ex- Chimaira) was quickly recruited into the fold. “He said ‘We gotta ask Austin to join. He’s my favorite drummer.”

“Then we got Tony (Aiello, bass) and then we’re sitting there and I told my wife, “it would be awesome to get Rocky Gray (guitars) to play on this part.” So we sent him some tunes and see how it goes.”

While the band recorded two EPs (Solus Deus EP and The Bloodtrail EP, available at ), the original plans were for Solus Deus planning on being a part time band at the time. But their plans changed and now they are going on full speed ahead. “It was put together while Austin was still in Chimaira and he had this off time to do this test run and trying to keep this rolling. So we’re going to do more in the future. There were a lot of people who wanted to see us so we wanted to put this together. It’s definitely a different experience with your band mates when you perform with them.”

D’Amond wrote the guitar parts on the song “Thug Metal,” as well as brought in guest vocals on “Punishment” by TJ Frost from The Elite.

Gray is the sole member not from Orange County, CA. Being from Little Rock, AR and cutting his teeth in Living Sacrifice, Evanescence and We Are The Fallen, he brings studio and touring experience to the band and helped their sound come together.

But the early moments of Solus Deus did not involve Gray, but was immediately sold on what they had going on.
“We had some Garageband recordings pretty much done. When we sent them, he said let’s keep it going. We didn’t have a lot of finished songs until we were in the studio. We brought it together there and formulated the ideas in there,” Collins said.

“The first three months we were really going at it, he was aboard. A lot of it was me and Wayne always trying to get together and it never happened. We would always jam with each other over ideas.”
“He brought all of this experience, going in and doing all of the solos, and helping us combine it into what the songs we want to achieve with Ben Schiegel [producer].”


solus deus thug metal pic


Even though a couple members were previously in Bleed The Sky, Solus Deus’ sound draw some similarities to their previous outfit. Fans will recognize some subtle similarities, while adding new influences that make their sound stand out.

“All of the influences of Bleed The Sky is still there. Most of the band likes the same kind of music. With Wayne and Austin, they were the driving force. You can tell they could work together so well. They bring the brutalness, experience and skill. They’re a tight knit unit.”

“We definitely knew to keep it brutal and heavy. We also love a lot of bounce and groove. Austin, since Bleed The Sky, since I’ve known him, they called it thug metal. It had that West Coast influence of hip hop, where most of us are from. It’s just that bounce and groove. Everybody has that same likeness – just heavy, brutal, a bunch of grooves and bounce, and what we found we liked.”


Solus Deus on Facebook
Solus Deus on Twitter


Interview By Rei Nishimoto