ALBUM REVIEW: TÝR – Battle Ballads

Photo by Gaui H.For their ninth full-length studio release, Battle Ballads (Metal Blade), Faroe Islanders Týr bring more of their brand of Viking themed folk metal to the banqueting hall but this time come armed with an orchestra. Sort of.Continue reading

DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors

Before we start, go back and take another look at the cover art.

Go on, I’ll wait.

See, while some bands go for a subtle or even abstract “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach, other bands are Dragonforce. Everything emblazoned on the cover to ninth full length studio release Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records) is represented here through the medium of eardrum destroying sound. No room for understatement, metaphor or artifice – just a bold, blinding explosion of light, colour and comic book action.Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY – Rock and Metal Releases 2-23-24

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft. Amaranthe – Blackberry Smoke – Bokassa – Shooting Daggers

When Swedish Europop-metalcore (they’re a difficult band to put a tag on considering how distinct their sound is!) sextet Amaranthe announced their arrival with 2011’s self-titled semi-classic album, it was hard to imagine them, as great as their first shot was, still being around thirteen years later. Continue reading

PREVIEW: New Music Friday – Rock and Metal Releases 2-23-24

What new albums are you excited for this week!?Continue reading

Doro, Jean Beauvoir, and Visions Of Atlantis Booked for Time To Rock Festival


Approaching an almost full 2024 lineup, “Sweden’s coziest rock festival”, Time To Rock, have just added Doro, Visions Of Atlantis, and Jean Beauvoir (Plasmatics) to their bill. With Amorphis and Amaranthe, Uriah Heep and Unleash The Archers, plus many others already announced, the event takes place next July 05th – 08th, at Knislinge, South Sweden. Read below for more.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Dragonforce – Amaranthe – NanowaR of Steel – Edge of Paradise Live at the Majestic Theatre

It was a calm, brisk Thursday night when a line outside of Detroit’s Majestic Theatre started to form. No one wanted to pay for a coat check so the breeze bit through the gathering crowd’s black hoodies until the doors opened. The chill was worth it since Grammy-nominated power metal pros, Dragonforce, were in town. This band is on a North American headlining tour promoting their upcoming album and they brought along a varied group of special guests with them.Continue reading

Rockharz Announces Bruce Dickenson’s Only German Festival Appearance of 2024

German festival, Rockharz, have announced that they have booked Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickenson, for their 2024 edition. He will celebrate his recently announced album The Mandrake Project exclusively under the Devil’s Wall (a famous landmark of the Harz region) as part of the only festival show of the year in Germany. Keep reading for more new acts and details.


Remaining tickets will go on sale, 5pm CEST, today (October 20th 2023) here.


Organizer Thorsten “Buddy” Kohlrausch is proud and happy about this very special announcement:

For many years we have been hoping to be able to present such a legendary artist as Bruce Dickinson on the Rockharz stages one day. Now this dream comes true! And not only that! We will be the only festival in Germany where Bruce will perform with The Mandrake Project. Thanks to the universe for this unique opportunity and this accolade for our festival!


The 30 years anniversary edition of Rockharz in July 2023, celebrated by fans and press, was a complete success. While the event was still in full swing, two headliners – Hammerfall and Kreator – were already confirmed in addition to the first strong dozen of acts for the 31st edition of the friendly open air festival from July 03 to 06, 2024, at the Ballenstedt airfield in the Harz Mountains. The fans reacted promptly: after less than six weeks, Rockharz 2024 officially announced “sold out” in mid-August. So much trust is being rewarded, for instance with the next big highlight for all the lucky ones who secured a ticket right away – Bruce Dickinson!


But it keeps getting better: at the same time, four more highlights have been confirmed for next year with Amaranthe, Callejon, Benediction and Kanonenfieber – and that’s not all; more bands, including some main acts, will be announced soon.


Rockharz lineup:

Bruce Dickinson (“The Mandrake Project” exclusive festival show Germany 2024), Amaranthe, Amorphis, Benediction, Callejon, D’artagnan, Dirkschneider, Hammerfall, Hatebreed, Heldmaschine, Kanonenfieber, Kreator, Lordi, Oomph!, Orden Ogan, Parasite Inc., Rage, Schandmaul, Soilwork, The Halo Effect, Unearth, Unleash The Archers, and many more.


ALBUM REVIEW: Visions of Atlantis – Pirates

If you’re looking for a metal album about pirates this summer that you can listen to guilt free (what? I meant now that we’re all mature enough to not worry about calling things like this a guilty pleasure… honest guv!), you need look no further than Visions of Atlantis’ eighth full-length album, the rather bluntly and descriptively titled Pirates (Napalm Records).

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Music Industry Legends Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) and Andy Siry Launch Alpha Management United

Two music industry legends of the last 25 years, Angela Gossow (ex Arch Enemy) and Andy Siry have joined forces in Alpha Management United. They already have a roster of acts under their wing and will continue to take on emerging artists too, in order to execute top tier consulting and management. The two founders commented:

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