ALBUM REVIEW: Tome of the Unreplenished – Earthbound

 Atmospheric black metal project Tome of the Unreplenished have upped the ante on Earthbound (Avantgarde), the band’s forthcoming album. After laying the groundwork on a few initial releases, multi-instrumentalist Hermes brought in a full-band for 2017’s Theurgy – Act I. A departure from the more musically straightforward debut, 2015’s Innerstanding (both I, Voidhanger), the first “full-band” release, probably alienated some listeners. If you aren’t open to noise and industrial experimentation (think more Throbbing Gristle than Nine Inch Nails) you may want to leave that one alone. The latest release is far more in keeping musically with the debut record and it’s a satisfying forty-six minutes of riffing and atmospherics. 

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Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War


Light the torches and raise the cries as pagan black metal band Macabre Omen return after 10 years with their follow-up to their debut studio album, 2005’s The Ancient Returns (Obscure Abhorrence). Coupled with the ominous cover, the name Macabre Omen brings up visions of cheesy melody lines splattered with lashings of awkwardly placed black metal. This is not a band that should be judged by their cover however, and while they may only be on their second album with just a handful of splits filling the gaps, the band have had a solid twenty years since conception to perfect their craft.

It’s a call to banners as ‘I See, the Sea’ opens the album with rousing calls reminiscent of ancient armies making their way into battle. Gods of War – At War (Ván Records) certainly has a touch of the epic about it, even as the melodic folk-inspired lines give way to more aggressive blasting under scream by vocalist Alexandros. While the opening track remained distinctly melodic, the album takes much darker turns, particularly on the title track where the black metal is dialled up. ‘Man of 300 Voices’ takes a different tone however; an acoustic opening to the track barely seems out of place, particularly as more traditional instruments make an appearance before moving into epic vocal lines that dominate the song.

Pagan black metal can be a hard genre to master, but Macabre Omen have managed to produce a sound that plants itself somewhere between the more Bathory and Graveland. Despite maintaining a consistent sound throughout, Gods of War – At War has successfully walked the line creating an album that has enough variety between tracks, but still maintains an identifiable sound that brings the piece together. While it may not be breaking any ground artistically, it certainly would hold its ground on soundtrack heading into battle.



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Album Stream: Macabre Omen – Gods Of War

macabre omen god of war at war

Greek epic/pagan black metallers Macabre Omen is streaming “Gods Of War – At War” and “Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might,” off their Gods Of War – At War album, out now via Ván Records.

Gods Of War – At War was recorded at Priory Recording Studios in the West Midlands in the Land of the Angles. Produced, engineered and mastered by Greg Chandler under the supervision of The One over a period of six months and through the Summer Solstice of 2013 A.B., all drums and percussion were recorded intermittently during the last two weeks of February 2013 A.B and engineered by T. J. F. Vallely at Eidola Studios. Throughout the album’s hour-long duration, a multitude of vocal approaches and entities appear among waves of choirs, acoustic and electric guitars and bass, recorder, mouth harp, synths, tambourine, gongs, and an array of different drums and percussive instrumentation, making the album an incredibly rounded and endlessly entertaining album which immediately demands repeat attention.

Gods Of War – At War Track Listing:
01: I See, The Sea!
02: Gods Of War – At War
03: Man Of 300 Voices
04: Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes
05: From Son To Father
06: Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might
07: Alexandros – Ode A’
08: Alexandros – Ode B’

Alexandros – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Choir, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Recorder, Mouth Harp, Samples, Synths
T. J. F. Vallely – Drum Kit, Timpani, Medieval Drums, Bodhrán, Frame Drums, Tambourine, Gongs, Clash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal

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