INTERVIEW: Jeff Fabb (Black Label Society) Discusses His New Solo Singles and Becoming a Frontman

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Jeff Fabb, best known as the drummer of Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, as well stints with In This Moment, SIXX A.M., and Filter! Jeff is actually now an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist! He has released a series of singles on his way to an eventual debut solo album. jeff discussed being his own boss of his own project, staying pretty DIY, learning to be a lead singer, using AI in music videos, and of course upcoming things with BLS.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Black Label Society – Obituary – Prong: Live at Ace of Spades

Getting fully back into concert mode has been fun, but also scary on some levels as a fan. I need live music in my life, bad, but I am nervous around small clubs and tons of people right now, since the pandemic is still a thing. Nevertheless, I got the opportunity to cover legends like Black Label Society, Obituary, and Prong all at the same show, no less, and so I had to handle my emotions and nerves (I have pretty bad anxiety on the reg) and trooped out to Sacramento’s respected Ace of Spades club. 

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