CONCERT REVIEW: Queensryche and Armored Saint – Live at Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is a short drive from my home, here in Sacramento, but unless I really want to deal with humans, I do not get there often. In this town, I do not know security, the will-call person, or anyone for that matter, so when I do go it is always a crap shoot if something goes sideways. However, this time I made sure I was getting in; no matter if a photopass was waiting for me or not. With tickets in hand, I was not missing this show, I checked in!Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Black Label Society – Obituary – Prong: Live at Ace of Spades

Getting fully back into concert mode has been fun, but also scary on some levels as a fan. I need live music in my life, bad, but I am nervous around small clubs and tons of people right now, since the pandemic is still a thing. Nevertheless, I got the opportunity to cover legends like Black Label Society, Obituary, and Prong all at the same show, no less, and so I had to handle my emotions and nerves (I have pretty bad anxiety on the reg) and trooped out to Sacramento’s respected Ace of Spades club. 

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Abby K Cover “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

Abby K is back once again with another video in the series for her recent EP, Live From The Playroom, out now. Watch Abby K and her band take names and kick ass on this cover of the classic Motorhead anthem, “Ace of Spades!”  Watch the clip, and purchase and stream the EP at the link below! Continue reading

Motörhead and Hillrock Distillery Release Limited Batch of Cask Strength Bourbon

In honoring the 40th anniversary of “Ace Of Spades”, Motörhead released a limited batch of cask strength bourbon in a partnership with award-winning worldwide brewery Hillrock Distillery. The release is limited to 1100 bottles, each bottle is hand-numbered and includes a bespoke “Ace of Spades” gift box.

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Motörhead Announces Podcast Mini Series Promoting The 40th Anniversary “Ace Of Spades”

Motörhead’s continues their 40th-anniversary celebrations for Ace Of Spades, with the deluxe edition releasing on October 30th. with a new podcast mini-series of Motörcast’s telling stories from the recording studio, on the road, behind the scenes based around that classic album. Told through interviews with a selection of guests who were in the midst of the Motör-machine during 1980 and 1981, the teaser trailer for the Ace Of Spades, Motörcast is available now on all podcast platforms below. Episode one will go live next week, with subsequent episodes released every two weeks. Make sure you subscribe to the series!

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Motörhead Shares New Animated Lyric Video for “Shoot You In The Back” Live

Forty years after its release, Ace of Spades by Motörhead continue to reverberate with fans. The band has released a new animated lyric video for a previously unreleased live version of “Shoot You In The Back”, recorded in Orleans in 1981. The full concert is available as part of the Ace Of Spades4 0th-anniversary box set.Continue reading

Motörhead Classic Track Featured In Season Debut of “Billions”

Billions, the Showtime drama starring Paul Giamatti, Damien Lewis, and Maggie Siff returned to the air this past week for its fourth season. The show frequently highlights Rock and Metal music, with Lewis’ character Bobby Axelrod being a big fan of the style. Metallica appeared in a Season one episode. Bands are a frequent topic of debate in the show too. Motörhead’s classic and the title track of their 1980 album, ‘The Ace of Spades’ featured appeared in the season four debut. There was also a reference to AC/DC in 1978 was made as well. New episodes of Billions air on Sundays. Continue reading

Royal Thunder & Mutoid Man Members Cover Miley Cyrus, Kesha, And Motorhead On “Two Minutes To Late Night”

In the latest episode of Two Minutes to Late Night, members of Royal Thunder and Mutoid Man were asked to perform three random covers live at Saint Vitus Bar, and the amazing footage is now online. Continue reading