EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: As Within, So Without – “My Revelation”

Metalcore upstarts As Within, So Without have teamed with Ghost Cult to bring you their new single and music video for their track “My Revelation!” The Westchester County, New York based band have earned notice performing alongside bands such as Attila, All That Remains, Secrets, Silent Planet, Escape the Fate, and many more. The track comes from their upcoming sophomore full-length album, and more details about that release are coming soon. Watch the video for “My Revelation” now!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Abby K Cover “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

Abby K is back once again with another video in the series for her recent EP, Live From The Playroom, out now. Watch Abby K and her band take names and kick ass on this cover of the classic Motorhead anthem, “Ace of Spades!” Watch the clip, and purchase and stream the EP at the link below! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Abby K – “Rock N Roll Party In The Streets”

Abby K is back again, this time with a live performance video with her full band. The Mooresville, North Carolina has a true passion for rock music, which you can see from her performance. Set on a path as a performer ever since she saw KISS concert, immediately gravitated to bass after seeing Gene Simmons (KISS), she has been putting in work and finding her voice. Her cover of “Rock N Roll Party In The Streets” (Axe) is from her upcoming EP, Live From The Playroom. Watch the clip right now! Continue reading


Ghost Cult has teamed up with UK Metalcore band Jordan Red to present their new lyric video for their new single “Way Down”! The track follows their recent excellent track and video for “Hands that Built The World”. We continue to monitor this rising band for their aggressive songs, catchy vocals, and timely lyrical content. Check out “Way Down” right now!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Abby K – “I Thought That I Loved You”

When we last saw young rocker Abby K, she was dishing out a badass anthem about loving life and music. On her new song “I Thought That I Loved You” we see another side entirely in this heart-wrenching ballad. The tasteful video helps tell the narrative of the tune, while Abby belts out the tune with power and style beyond her age. Watch the clip right now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Pirates of Radio – “Glow”

Rising alt-Rock band Pirates of Radio (Hope Punk Records) have a new video for their latest single “Glow” out today, and Ghost Cult is psyched to bring it to ya! Since the band is a multinational troupe, the guys have never been in a room together during the writing and recording processes, collaborating via WhatsApp and the cloud. Still, they sound like a well-tuned machine, crafting memorable, anthemic tracks, and infectious melodies, while maintaining their style. “Glow” has a droning guitar, ear-catching melody, and great flow. The video was shot and edited collaboratively by the band and creative friends between Dubai and Germany. The eye-catching video for “Glow” perfectly matched the stirring message of being your own life preserver and the meaning of support behind the track. Check out the clip and find “the glow….”Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sonic Circus – “Over The Line”


Australian Heavy Rock band Sonic Circus has brought forth their new single and video for the track “Over the Line” and Ghost Cult brings you the first look at the clip below. The track is an ode to the information overload and negativity that comes with using social media, all while the tracks driving funky riffs and soaring melodies hook your ear. Their new album Everything releases on November 20th! Watch the clip right now!



Vocalist Jimmy VanZeno comments:

Over The Line is a song about letting ourselves be consumed by negativity. Everyday on the news at the moment all we see is dark times, fighting, violence and aggression. This translates over to Social Media with people turning on each other just for having different opinions and feelings towards society.

Over The Line is talking about turning off the news, disconnecting from negative Social Media and living our lives as life was intended – to have fun, be positive, dance, headbang, smile and enjoy your life!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Naked High – “Jewel of The Crowd”

Montreal hard rock and metal band The Naked High released their new EP this spring Tap Into The Evil, and have just released a new video for their single – “Jewel of The Crowd’! The live performance clip features the band’s visceral, heavy nature of the band and what they bring to the table with their massive riffs, bassy grooves. Formed in 2015, their DNA comes from the same well-spring as heroes such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Black Label Society, and of course, the kings Black Sabbath! You can watch the clip for “Jewel of The Crowd’ here at Ghost Cult right now!

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