Great Falls Share Latest Single “Ceilings Inch Closer” – New Album Incoming

Formed by alumni/members of Kiss It Goodbye, Undertow, Playing Enemy, Bastard Feast, Gaytheist, and more, Great Falls have shared their new single “Ceilings Inch Closer.” The track is taken from their fourth album, Objects Without Pain, due out mid-September on Neurot Recordings. Continue reading to hear the track, and find out more.

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Great Falls- A Sense Of Rest

It is coming to the end of another year, a time with some celebration you may have heard of on the horizon and, more importantly, for end of year lists, where mostly sane people agonise and debate about ranking excellent things they enjoyed in an arbitrary list format which simultaneously means nothing and everything at the same time. It also means that albums released between now and the start of January will normally get overlooked; which, in the case of Great Falls and A Sense Of Rest (Corpse Flower Records), is a criminal injustice.Continue reading