Dutch Progressive Metal Band IDEK. has released a new live performance video for their song “The Trek.” The track releases next Friday, April 23rd, 2021, as a single via Layered Reality Productions. The immersive, compelling clip was shot at Nicolaï Church (home to a legendary pipe organ) in Utrecht and alternates between the band performing the expansive track, and the wonderful atmosphere and visuals of the church. Coming off like a progressive version of Katatonia, with melancholic vocals, deep droning riffs, and shifting tempos and dark vibes, this is a band you’ll want to keep an ear out for in the future. Watch the clip now!

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French melodic Death Metal band Temnein will release their new album Tales: Of Humanity And Greed on May 22nd, 2020 (Self-Released/Blood Blast Distro). Thematically, the new album focuses on various stories, myths, and legends exploring classic childhood occidental fairy tales, unsung fables from Asia and Inuit lands, pop culture universes (ie Legend Of Zelda, Majora’s Mask, Doctor Who etc.), and much more. The album was produced by “El Mobo” (Loudblast, ETHS, The Great Old Ones, Eryn Non Dae, etc.) at Conkrete Studio in Bordeaux, France. Watch the new animated video for the current single ‘I Am Davy Jones’ right now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lonescar – “Gluttonous to the Core”

Texan Thrash Metal band Lonescar is back with a new video, which you can watch exclusively at Ghost Cult today! ‘Gluttonous to the Core’ examines humanity and how greedy and infantile we act out of fear faced with situations, such as the current global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The track comes from their current album, Lust for the End, released earlier in 2020. You can purchase the album below and watch the clip right now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Open The Nile – “Hawking Radiation”

Months after they wowed us with their last video clip for ‘Borealis’, Open The Nile is back with another head smasher! The proggy, post-Djent metal technical style of the band comes through in the performance video for their new track “Hawking Radiation”! The brain-bending riffs and machine-gun beats of the track will have all the shred heads throwing their “Jazz hands to the sky, as well as the devil horns! Meridian is coming March 15th and you can pre-order the album and merch at the links below. Check out the video only at Ghost Cult! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Spirit In The Room – “Sunset Nightmare”

Photo credit:y Ekaterina Gorbacheva.

Ghost Cult has teamed up with enigmatic Rock raconteurs Spirit In the Room today to bring you their chilling new video for their track “Sunset Nightmare”. Directed by Jordan Santos, the clip picks up where their last single/video “But It Do”, left off. The clip is trippy, full clout nightmare, that calls to mind some of the greats of the horror and suspense genre, and the track, featuring Hardcore Punk legend Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!), is a new dimension for the band as well. Check it out below, and catch the band on tour this week with Elephant Rifle. Continue reading


Emerging Doom Metal leaders Yatra will release their crushing new album Blood of the Night, tomorrow, January 31st 2020 via STB Records. The album is really amazing and already among the most talked about releases in the genre this year. You can watch their brand new video for “Sorcerer”, directed by Tom Hughes at Ritual Video, exclusively at Ghost Cult! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Go The Rodeo – “Head In the Sand”

Dance into your weekend with the new video clip from Joburg’s own Go The Rodeo for their infectious and subversive track ‘Head in the Sand’! The danceable alt-rock song comes to life in this behind the scenes/day in the life on tour style clip from the bands’ recent Cape Town tour. ‘Head in the Sand’ is available now on all digital platforms. The bands’ debut album Lekker Chilled, released this past summer, on 26 July 2019. Check it out! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Nocturnalia Shares “Come Alive” Lyric Video

Scandinavian dark Stoner Heavy Metal band Nocturnalia are releasing a new single this week, on September 13th, ‘Come Alive’ via The Sign Records. The track is their second single from their forthcoming new album III: Winter, due out on November 11th. It will be released by The Sign Records in November 2019. With members from esteemed underground bands such as Night, Forndom, Oblivious, and Year of The Goat, the band has grown bolder sonically in the course of their four previous releases (two singles and two albums). We’re stoked to bring you the debut of their new lyric video for ‘Come Alive’, an expansive, heavy track, with a myriad of influences galvanizing all their hard work. Check it out!Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Forces – “Life Is Worth Losing”


Ghost Cult has teamed up with brutal Deathcore band Forces today to bring you their brand new video, ‘Life Is Worth Losing’! The track is super heavy and there’s no mistaking the lyrics and their total zero fucks to give mindset! The track is avaialble to purchase and stream at the link below. Watch the clip only at Ghost Cult! Continue reading