French melodic Death Metal band Temnein will release their new album Tales: Of Humanity And Greed on May 22nd, 2020 (Self-Released/Blood Blast Distro). Thematically, the new album focuses on various stories, myths, and legends exploring classic childhood occidental fairy tales, unsung fables from Asia and Inuit lands, pop culture universes (ie Legend Of Zelda, Majora’s Mask, Doctor Who etc.), and much more. The album was produced by “El Mobo” (Loudblast, ETHS, The Great Old Ones, Eryn Non Dae, etc.) at Conkrete Studio in Bordeaux, France. Watch the new animated video for the current single ‘I Am Davy Jones’ right now!

The band commented:

“This song is about a failed love story depicted by the tale of Davy Jones on its romantic metaphor: a pirate who has locked his heart in a chest after being betrayed by his lover. Directed by our bassist Julien, this animation silhouette video was influenced by Belgian artist Michel Ocelot and notably his 2011 film Tales of the Night. Musically, this is the most emotional song on the record. A lot of shoe-gazed melodies and atmospheres are shaping the whole song, even in its fastest moments.”

Tales: Of Humanity And Greed Track Listing:

1. The Storyteller

2. The Blind And The Greedy

3. The Knotted Bag

4. I Am Davy Jones

5. Rise Of The Sontarans

6. A Few Drops Of Blood

7. City Of Gold

8. Dirge For Termina

9. Yuki Onna

10. Scums Of Hamelin


Florian Frandidier – guitars

Julien De Giorgio – bass

Valentin Treuillier – drums

Jocelyn Fidry – vocals

Morgan Rappe – guitars