Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual – Rock and Metal News Show Livestream 10-26-23

5 Days to Halloween!

Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #interviews #newmusicfriday #metalfestivals #tourdates #metalconcerts #vinylcollector #metalmerch

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INTERVIEW: Nige and Heather of Chupacabra Breakdown Their New EP “Fortified With Ashes EP” – Slayer, and Much More


Keefy of Ghost Cult chatted with Nige and Heather of UK Thrash Metal upstarts Chupacabra! They just released their debut EP Fortified With Ashes! We chatted about the formation of the band, the folklore around the name and some mutual love for The X-Files, their connection to Slayer book author DX Ferris and his new podcast, influences, good advice from Gary Holt, feminism and religion, the current crop of great UK metal bands right now, and their next musical adventure already in the works!

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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Rock and Metal New Album Releases 8-04-23

EP REVIEW: Chupacabra – Fortified With Ashes


Chupacabra is an interesting name for a Thrash/Death Metal band. I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been taken for a band already. Perhaps the band may tour with Thrashsqatch in the future, perhaps call it; Into the Crypt with the Cryptids.

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PREVIEW: New Music Friday Rock and Metal New Album Releases Preview 8-04-23