ALBUM REVIEW: Kataklysm – Goliath


A couple of weeks ago I added Kataklysm’s latest single ‘Die as a King’ to the rotation on my radio show – The Stress Factor, Thursdays on 91.5 WUML Lowell, by the way, and a fellow DJ asked what I thought of their latest tunes. “Well, it’s definitely Kataklysm” I fired back almost automatically. He nodded and was on his way as if we both immediately recognized that was not a slight towards the band.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Brand of Sacrifice – Lifeblood – Blood Blast


Father forgive me because we have to talk about Brand of Sacrifice’s Lifeblood (Blood Blast Distribution). Listen, I really wanted to enjoy Lifeblood as we need to build up new stars in heavy music, but this simply isn’t it chief. Maybe if we stripped the many layers of triggered drums, modulated vocals, unimportant guest appearances and waves of synths we could find something worth working with. But as it stands, I cannot sanction this buffoonery.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Possessed Steel – Aedris


While Toronto’s Possessed Steel approached Epic Metal with a rough attitude on the EPs they released in 2014 and 2017, their first proper full-length is much classier in comparison. The style is as grandiose as ever, but a greater emphasis on intricate guitar harmonies and polished production gives Aedris (Temple Of Mystery Records) more in common with a band like Wytch Hazel than Atlantean Kodex. Further comparisons could also be made to The Lord Weird Slough Feg and Hammers Of Misfortune with the free-flowing structures and pastoral air throughout.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Despised Icon – Purgatory

So here I am tasked to review the new Despised Icon album, Purgatory (Nuclear Blast). The easy route for most skeptical heavy music reviewers is to just proclaim it as another Despised Icon release, give it a quick write-up and denounce Deathcore as the scourge of metal. Sure, I could trudge down that path, call it a day and down some more adult beverages, but that’s not quite it. Truth be told, I was looking forward to Purgatory. Continue reading

Soulfly Announce More ‘Nailbomb – Point Blank’ Tour Dates

Before they head out on their tour with Nile, Soulfly will be bringing back the ‘Nailbomb – Point Blank’ tour to demolish the cities they missed on last year’s run. Continue reading

Of Mice & Men, Blessthefall, Cane Hill, Fire From The Gods Tour Dates

Of Mice & Men will be releasing Defy on January 19th, and they’ve just announced the first tour dates in support of the new material. Continue reading