INTERVIEW: Brendon Small of Metalocalypse Dethklok talks “About The Mutilation” on a Spring Night Tour

In a new interview with Brendon Small of Metalocalypse – Dethklok and Ghost Cult chief editor Keefy, we talked extensively about the upcoming new tour, with Dragonforce and Nekrogoblikon! Brendon discussed musical preparation, managing the entire tour, working with his friends, the expectations of fans, reuniting for a few dates with BABYMETAL, out on guitars, and more! Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: The Babyklok Tour: BABYMETAL – Dethklok – Jason Richardson Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom

The Hammerstein Ballroom served as the ideal venue for this extraordinary lineup, amplifying the raw intensity and intricacies of each performance. It was the perfect backdrop for this monumental night of music.

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INTERVIEW: Brendon Small Part 2: Metalocalypse – Dethklok – Dethalbum IV and Dealing with a Burglary

In the second part of this two-part feature, Omar Cordy and Brendon Small of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse – Dethklok discuss the making of Dethklok’s “Dethalbum IV”, the difference between the album and movie score, and Brendon’s guitar robbery.

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Brendon Small Interview Part I: Dethklok’s Return, and “Metalocalypse : Army of the Doomstar” Movie and Album

Ghost Cult’s Omar Cordy chatted with Brendon Small about the comeback of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse’s Dethklok! In Part I of a wide-ranging two-part interview, Brendon discusses the creation and plot of The new Dethklok movie and soundtrack “Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar” which is now available Digitally and on Blu-ray. Brendon discusses his love of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, concept albums, Broadway musicals, how we all have a little William Murderface inside every one of us, and much more!

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Dethklok Books a Co-Headline Tour with BABYMETAL, Two New Albums, and a New Movie Coming Soon



The long-awaited return of Adult Swim’s favorite heavy metal adventure “Metalocalypse” arrives with a nationwide tour of the series’ on-screen band Dethklok. A full-length original film, written and directed by Brendon Small, “Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar,” a companion soundtrack, and “Dethalbum IV” will also arrive this year. Dethklok will kick off their twenty-nine-date national tour on August 30 with Japanese kawaii metal pioneers BABYMETAL as co-headliners and virtuoso guitarist Jason Richardson (All That Remains) as support. Ticket information and VIP packages can be found at the link below.

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Adult Swim Has Put Up All Episodes of Metalocalypse ft. Dethklok On Streaming for FREE

Adult Swim has answered the call of humanity in our hour of need (and boredom). The network has returned all episodes of Metalocalypse free on their app and website! The show featuring the hilarious death metal band Dethklok! The show ran from August 2006 to October 2013 and was beloved in the metal community, even bringing non-fans into the genre. Fans keep hoping that the show will return someday, although the creators, Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, have been doubtful. The actual band Deathklock performed last fall at the Adult Swim Festival, and you can read our review here.Continue reading

Watch Dethklok Perform at Adult Swim Festival

Dethklok reunited and performed live for the first time in five years last night as the headline act of Adult Swim Festival at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, California! Ghost Cult was on hand for the festival and review will be up on the site next week. The band performed a 19-song set-list of hits and deep cuts, as well as two new premieres. Dethklok, which emerged from the metal fan favorite and pop culture hit Metalocalypse, has not performed live since their 2012 tour to promote Dethalbum III, although they released The Doomstar Requiem soundtrack in 2013, but never toured behind it. That episode concluded the show, on October 27th 2013. Series co-founder and band leader Brendon Small has been working on other series and his other band, Brendan Small’s Galaktikon, which released a new album in 2017, Galaktikon II: Become The Storm. Joining Small (vocals/guitar) in the band last night was Gene Hoglan on drums, Nili Brosh on second guitar and Pete Griffin on bass. Watch fan-filmed footage of their set right now! Continue reading

Dethklok To Return To the Stage In 2019 at Adult Swimfest

Metal fans have mourned the loss of Brendon Small’s Metalocalypse television series and the real-life metal band that represented the music of the show Dethklok. The band will make its triumphant return and play its the first show in five years at the play the second annual Adult Swim Festival. The two-day event at Los Angeles’ Banc of California Stadium. Tickets for the fest — scheduled for Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th — will go on sale to the public today at 12 p.m. PST. Tickets start at $49 and up.Continue reading

Metalocalypse Co-Creator And Artist Jonathan Schnepp Has Died At 51


In a terrible loss to the metal world, as well as the overlapping areas of film, video, and comics, Jonathan Schnepp – best know to metalheads for his work co-creating Metalocalpse/Dethklok has passed away following a stroke. He was 51. He suffered a stroke and passed away following a hospital stay in which he lapsed into a coma. Schnepp was a longtime music video director, writer and comic book artist, which led him to help create the Dethklok metal parody show with Brendan Small. Their work is currently exhibited in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Schepp also acted in and directed countless music videos, mostly metal, co-created the Slayer comic series, and directed films and animated series such as his acclaimed work on The Black Panther. Later he was the host of Collider’s YouTube channel. Collider helped break the news of his passing, along with his partner Holly Payne. We send our sympathies out to Jon’s family, friends and loved ones, and his legion of fans at this time. Continue reading

Metalocalypse Included In New Exhibition At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

When it comes to rock and heavy metal, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame often comes up lacking as far as diehard fans are concerned. In a case where they got it 100% right, their new exhibition Stay Tuned: Rock On TV is all about the history of music told through the lens of television and video, and features the much-missed Metalocalypse – Dethklok show in it. As reported by co-creator, director, artist and author Jonathan Schnepp on his Twitter account last week and on his Collider Video show yesterday, Schnepp shared the news that Dethklok original artwork and other collateral was included in the exhibit launched on May 26th .

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