CONCERT REVIEW: HEATH – Pixel Grip – King Yoseph – Sacred Skin Live at August Hall

San Francisco on a Tuesday. I decided to walk downtown since it was a nice night as I jammed out to help with my earbuds all the way there from West Soma. It was already a long line to get in but the staff there is always excellent and usher people in quickly. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Go Ahead and Die – Bodybox – Deep Within, Scoundrel and Cursed Live at Strummers

Strummers is a really chill and fun venue that’s hosted shows throughout the years, and I have always had the pleasure of seeing bands even as a fan. Located in the Tower District, where there are other places to go for music, bars, dining, or just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and its beauty. Walking into Strummers through the bar area and into the show side, with lights dim low and only a bit of stage light for the upcoming bands to perform the night away.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Crypta – Contortion – Wurm Flesh Live at Harlow’s

First time at Harlow’s in Sacramento to come and see the all-female band Crypta from Brazil. Unexpectedly, I walked in to see a long line for Crypta merch and a nearly packed show. The stage has good lighting for those afar to be able to see.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Vader – Origin – Inhuuman Condition Live at DNA Lounge

Rolling into DNA Lounge on a Friday night I was disappointed to learn that the doors opened earlier than expected and the first band had already played by the time I walked in. Generally speaking, I always have a good time at DNA Lounge, but this was pretty disappointing, as I like to try to catch all the bands if I can. Despite my old-man at the club status, I do believe in supporting every band on a bill. The number one thing you can do as a club is just be consistent about the basics. Moving on.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Brujeria – Dwarves – Art of Shock Live at Strummers


As I show up to Strummers, where Brujeria’s Matando Güeros 30th Anniversary Tour is playing tonight in Fresno, California, a fan ran up to the door and asked the guard if the show will still be happing in an hour. Walking into Strummers saddens me to not see a big crowd, but people spread out and some up close to the stage as Art of Shock is performing.

Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Fleshgod Apocalypse – Obscura – Wolfheart – Thulcandra Live at DNA Lounge

The first night of a tour is always a mix of emotions for an artist. The excitement of a new tour. The possibility of what could be. After all the unglamorous toil and travel, the opportunity to see your hard work in the studio and every other element of your years of work payoff. All for that briefest part of the day, sharing the music with fans.

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