Ghost Cult’s Most Anticipated Albums Of 2017

This past year was a huge one for music with so many bands releasing new material it was hard to keep up, even for us here at Ghost Cult. So many legacy bands, modern classic acts, and up and comers dropped new music this year, some may wish they had waited until 2017 to drop it like it’s hot. Without further ado, here are our picks for the new tunes you need in your life in 2017.


The album we are most anticipating in 2017 is definitely the new Mastodon album. Reported to be a double album, this could go several ways. Perhaps we are getting the heady concept album like Crack The Skye, or possibly an opus more all over the place such as Once More Around The Sun. With four stellar writers in the band capable of taking the material to different realms, it will no doubt be anything but pedestrian.



Enslaved, by Jonathan Arevalo Photography

Fresh off of their triumphant 25th Anniversary shows in Norway and New York, Enslaved has already started writing the follow-up to 2015’s In Times. Chances are the music will be more of the later period poggy-ness of the band, but one hopes they also revisit the classic black metal material from the 90s charges them with the spirit.



The problem with writing a masterpiece is following it up. Jari Mäenpää’s Wintersun put out Time I and it was so far and away ahead of anything like it at the time, it created a swell of demand and fan worship that has been hard to contend with. 2017 will hopefully be the year that Time II appears via Nuclear Blast.



Sigh. Really you guys, it’s coming this year! We swear! When it hits (our guess is April), it is going to sound, well, like Tool. So pretty much full of awesome. However, we are taking bets if the Tool album comes out before the proposed EP/single from A Perfect Circle, so there’s that.



SLEEP didn’t just spend 2016 playing cool ass tours and doing charity benefits, showing doom dudes can be all heart. They were hard at work on a new album! We have heard it’s going to be massive when it hits, followed by more touring. In related news both High On Fire and Om have also been working on various stages of new music as well! Hail Doom! Hail Weed! Hail Shirtlessness! #PikeJuice



Anathema, by Susanne A. Maathuis Photography

Working on the follow-up to Distant Satellites, Anathema fugues to continue down their path of post-rock, electronica, and folk anthems for the enlightened fans.



Already announced, the new Pallbearer album Heartless hits this March via Profound Lore. We’re expecting the typical greatness this band has always delivered.


System Of A Down

Likely the most enigmatic band on this list. They have reportedly recorded 15 new tracks, which fans have been waiting forever. Based on their occasional shows the last few years selling out in seconds in some cases, the demand is still high for them after years of turning down huge offers for tours.


Depeche Mode


We’re beyond excited at one of the few veteran 80s bands still around capable of turning in a great release. Spirit is due to hit this spring. Expect an eclectic affair with few pop jams and definite subversive, danceable tracks.


Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity, by Evil Robb Photography

These COC reunion shows the last year and half with Pepper Keenan have been a nice way to usher back in a proper new album, due this year. It will be the first new music co-written with Pepper since In The Arms Of God in 2005.


Alice In Chains


When we saw Alice In Chains live this past September, they put on a clinic of their classic material and a few newer jams. In a possible light year for rock/metal releases, they might have a chance to really stand out based on their ability to pen catchy hits.


At The Drive-In

Lot’s of folks are waiting for proto-alt metal At The Drive In’s new album. They have had some issues with touring, but hopefully once the release drops they will be able to support it since the demand is high.



Rejoice goth punks! The already announced release The Blood Album for mid-January figures to be a highlight reel type vibe from this band that has never had one weak record. Not once.



Having launched a crowdfunding effort behind years and years of work on this recording, The Thin Black Duke is coming this spring. A noise/avant-garde innovator sure to raise the bar for every other album that follows it in 2017.


Life Of Agony

A Place Where There’s No More Pain is coming this April via Napalm Records from Life Of Agony. We’re hoping for a banger from one of the great American metal bands from the 1990s.



Pvris. Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada

One of the few pop-rock artists with a real strong writing chops AND a great stage show, PVRIS is said to be working on a follow-up release to their stellar début White Noise in 2014.


Code Orange

If you are looking for a hardcore-ish band that is NOT deathcore, to lead the way in 2017, Code Orange is your pick. They might threaten to take the crown of “angriest band” from Nails. I said might.


Adam Nergal Darski

While people are waiting and waiting on another Behemoth album, frontman Nergal is taking a left turn and putting out his avant-garde singer/songwriter release said to be in the vein of Wovenhand . Expect the unexpected, but it ought to be righteous.



With every other legend status thrash band putting out an album in the last year and a half, Overkill figures to sweeten the pot in 2017 and dominate with The Grinding Wheel. 


The Flaming Lips


Super psyched for another album from the long-standing purveyors of weird, alt-pop rock greatness. Another band that has a flawless history worth revisiting for fans.



Based on how strong comeback album King Animal (Republic Records) was for the band and fans, the nearly five-year seems sure to be worth it.



Ghost, by Lisa Schuchmann

On a hot streak with Ghost Cult 2015 Album of The Year Meliora and their killer EP this year in Popestar, they have overcome haters and the hype train. Ghost continues to rule with no slump in sight. Bring on Papa Emeritus IV!


Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus, by Hillarie Jason

So far the death metal highlight of 2017 figures to come from Dying Fetus, whose last album Reign Supreme (Nuclear Blast) was fairly unfuckwithable.


Wolves In The Room

USBM fans throw up those horns at the prospect of a new album from WITTR. If the sold out tour this fall was any indication, people will be all over this.


Other artists releasing new music in 2017 include:

Fleetwood Mac


Marilyn Manson

Queens Of The Stone Age

Amanda Palmer

Stone Sour

Father John Misty




The Ocean

Zack De La Rocha



St. Vincent


Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria/We Are Harlot) solo album



New Found Glory

Suicide Silence

Five Finger Death Punch

Linkin Park

Abigail Williams

John Garcia

Iron Reagan

Dark Angel


Helbound Glory

Carousel Kings

Jimmy Bower (Down/Superjoint/EyeHateGod) solo album

Immortal Bird

Ghost Against Ghost



Witch Mountain

Decrepit Birth

King Woman

Devin Townsend as yet untitled symphonic album

Senses Fail

Black Map

Wear Your Wounds

30 Seconds To Mars


A Perfect Circle


Ne Oblivscaris


Brendan Smalls Galacticon


Jason Becker

Guns`N Roses (EP)

Steven Wilson




Judas Priest


Alissa White-Gluz


Hour Of Penance

Dead Cross


King Parrot



Pearl Jam

The Dropkick Murphys

Sun Kil Moon




Black Veil Brides

Asking Alexandria



Neck Deep

Say We Can Fly

Sick Of It All