The newest offering from Kollapse is by no means something that should be consumed whilst in a distraught headspace. AR (Fysisk Format Records) is as much an introspection as it is a complex collection of seven Noise Rock, Sludge, and experimental tracks from the Danish trio.

And coming from the band, We want[ed] to explore the unwanted, the unsavory, or the unwelcome parts of life, which often makes the songs harsh and caustic.” 

Mission accomplished.

There is no wasted effort here, because the opening title track (which translates to “scars”) features overlapping round-style screaming atop a static bed. A perfect teaser for the morose journey that’s about to unfold.

The vocal performance especially on “DØD” houses gruffy, verge-of-a-meltdown harsh cries and screams. And the vocals themselves actually become untethered and visceral while light drums and humming bass attempt to settle things down.

“Autofagia” isn’t any less unhinged; there is a softness involved that’s akin to walking barefoot on an unpaved backroad in the middle of nowhere. The song mellows out later into stern, stoic melodies, further representing the interpersonal struggle the record (and the listener) fights with.

What’s also quite alluring is Kollapse doesn’t necessarily rely on tempo to convey distraught feelings and bleak thoughts. AR isn’t a record that assaults the senses and tries to be as loud and noticeable as possible. 

“Form” undergoes a turn-for-the-worse regression, stylistically, while “Dekomposition” progresses like an industrial noise cinema, creating a very unsettling, anticipatory atmosphere.

The overall unpredictability and propensity to change identities on a dime is entirely common, and rightfully so. The percussion is frequently used as a way of attempting to bring order to the chaos that’s been festering for so long. 

A brooding, limping piano out of nowhere (“Kokon”) further emphasizes the band’s innate ability to produce tracks that somehow both sound like Kollapse but also sounds like nothing in particular. 

As mentioned at the start, AR is one of those albums that requires a somewhat healthy mindset before diving in. However, regardless of one’s psyche, Kollapse is sure to demolish and obliterate any feelings of security or contentment. 

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7 / 10