ALBUM REVIEW: Jinjer – Walflowers

Jinjer is a Ukrainian four-piece act that has captivated and charmed varying music scenes all around the world. Just over a decade ago, the band started to make waves in their own country and around Europe when they released their EP Inhale, Don’t Breath. The vibrancy and viciousness of their Modern Metal sound stood out and has led them to be one of the most noteworthy bands in the genre. Now they are getting ready to release their fourth full-length album, Wallflowers (Napalm Records) and the expectations are high. Their determination, creativity, and uniqueness has many wondering if this new album can be a crown on top of the quartet’s budding stardom.

Just a few seconds into the opening track, ‘Call Me a Symbol’ will reassure anyone that Jinjer has indeed taken their one-of-a-kind sound to new heights. You are immediately captured and taken away by the band’s fuller, more mature presentation of heartfelt heaviness. There is an aggressive agitation felt in the boom of the drop tuned bass of Eugene Abdukhanov. Plus, the uncompromising, machine gun-like technicality of guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov sets this album ablaze. The heat and depth from this group’s passion completely consumes the listener. Vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk’s articulated harshness is fervently unleashed on every single track. She presents her varying vocals with severity and authority which perfectly coincides with the specialized work done on the bass and guitar. The unadulterated precision that she hits with her growls, screams, and cleans gives an colorful hue of expertise to the band’s overall sound.

‘Colossus’ displays the rigor of their chaos that flails about with exactness. The explosive chug to the delicate dynamics coming from Eugene’s bass work carries so much girth at the bottom end of each movement. Drummer Vlad Ulasevich shines with speed and meticulously diversifies every single number. Songs like ‘Vortex’, ‘Pearls and Swine’, and ‘As I Boil Ice’ indulges Tatiana’s voice range which exposes the band’s more progressive side. The listener can hear the evolution of this sound from their earlier numbers like ‘I Speak Astronomy’ off King of Everything (Napalm Records). The cool intensity of their more technical work meets the extreme heat of their heaviness, and it meshes into a beautiful marriage of irresistible rage. ‘Disclosure!’ exposes their roots in Tech Metal and Metalcore by releasing a constant heavy thrumming and speed dealt out by each member. Their venom and unrelenting surge of anger projects in a dark unrest that causes the listener to sink deeper into their sound.

Halfway through the album you hit a new wave of energy on the noxious number, ‘Copycat’. The band unveils a particular irritation and angst through their introspective lyrics. This new album has delved into more melancholy themes of self-questioning and examination. An old school Extreme Metal vibe can also be heard and it hints at the greats like Death, Meshuggah, and Cradle of Filth. Jinjer sets no limitations to their exploratory sound. ‘Wallflower’ presents the funky, reggae-like jam they celebrated on their track ‘Judgement (& Punishment)’ from their album Macro (Napalm Records). It’s a jazzy piece that adds some spice, sensitivity, and flare to the flow of the record. The slowing down and moodiness on this thoughtful song gives extra layers of versatility. The last track, ‘Mediator’ unleashes an intensity that leaves a lasting impression. The blast beats and lightening guitarwork partnering with the thundering bass professes honest dexterity. The depth of detail and weight of seamless precision is delivered with gracious intelligence. Each member’s proficiency and passion is awe-inspiring. The band’s evolution can be heard in the technical musicianship delivered by each artist. Jinjer continues to be trailblazers for the Heavy Metal community and their hungry talent advances them to achieve incredible levels. It will be exciting to see where their craft and ability will take them.

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8 / 10