ALBUM REVIEW: Dopethrone – Broke Sabbath

It is well-known to not judge a book by its cover.

However, Canadian sludge titans, Dopethrone, dropped one of the coolest album titles yet, Broke Sabbath (Totem Cat Records). Super descriptive for anyone who has not given these Stoner, Doom-infused sludge gents a shot yet. Seven tracks spanning just shy of forty minutes is the perfect length to see what the group is all about as they drag you through the muddy waters out to a clearing to end you.

“Life Kills You” starts off the album pouring gas on a fire with plenty of d-beat goodness and fuzzy guitar tone to two-step until your clothes are covered in sweat. A guitar solo in the outro adds just the right variety on the track to break up the three minutes of pounding drums and sleazy guitar riffs.

“Rock Slock” at eight and a half minutes is the longest track on Broke Sabbath, but it may just be the richest. The song has two sides to it as the punky sludge riffs pierce your ear holes to start off. A few minutes in, the world comes to a screeching halt as the Stoner Doom fills those bleeding ears with molasses-covered nails. This trade-off continues throughout and gives a nice holistic view of the Montreal locals.

“Sultans Of Sins” is the perfect song out of the lot to be closing the album. The guitar riffs and chord progressions give off a very final feel as if they have the ax raised above their head, ready to swing down onto your neck. The final reprise in the last minute turns up the aggression just a tad bit more until the climax hits, which is a sample of the game show scene in Billy Madison; just to remind you to not take anything too seriously.

Broke Sabbath is an enjoyable soundtrack to your own murder and defilement. Every minute of fuzzy, sludgy guitar riffs and drumming to the beat of your captors walking fills the listener with dread but cannot stop banging their head.

Dopethrone, although not having Julie Unfortunate around for these recordings, continue marching on, bringing the world their disgusting and vile brand of Sludge Metal.

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8 / 10