ALBUM REVIEW: Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream

For quite some time now, Toronto has been the undisputed hotbed of Technical Death Metal, and what’s more, the sounds emanating from up in Ontario only seem to get better and better.

With five involved songs to chew on, Sentiment Dissolve carry the torch effectively and enthusiastically. The Orwellian Dream (CDN Records) thrives on its longer track times and the musicality as a whole means nothing here overstays its welcome.

Highlighting durable but certainly malleable songwriting, Sentiment Dissolve chart a clear course from piece to piece, with something new around every corner. The screaming, shrieking and grunting that comes out the other end of this record is a three-course meal to be beholden. The vocals can be menacing or groovy, and whatever form they take, it just plain works.

The get-up-and-go energy and tempo found on “Transcending The Hierarchy Of Knowledge” is a stark reminder why tech-death should always have a special place in your heart.

“Totalitarian Doctrine” sees those aforementioned groovy vocals interplay exceptionally well with a solid riff to latch on to. There are even moments of bass guitar fills and solos, and they actually feel as if the sequences are organic and where they belong. It’s a showcase of professionals from all facets of the band.

Opening a record (that isn’t an atmospheric black metal album) with a seven-minute-song is quite the measuring stick to weed out those who might not have the patience or attention span to stick around. But the rumbling, grinding guitars can be and are quite convincing. A wobbling, bristling bass solo contributes further to the character of The Orwellian Dream.

Sweden has its Melodeath sound; Florida’s dirty old-school Death Metal is in its own special category entirely. And if Toronto hasn’t yet garnered enough evidence that it deserves to have its own tech-death identity, look no further than Sentiment Dissolve.


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8 / 10