Abbath, Darvaza, Devil Master, Dødheimsgard, Grand Magus, Impaled Nazarene, Khold, Primordial, Triumph Of Death and More Booked for Brutal Assault 2024


The blackest wave of black metal will undoubtedly come from a act whose name speaks for itself: Abbath will play the songs of Immortal! All fans of the dark genre will also enjoy Triumph Of Death, who, led by Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost), will once again play the songs of the legendary Hellhammer. The strongest Norwegian wave with an inimitable style will come with the underground cult Tulus and the personally connected Khold, experimental and avant-garde tones with Dødheimsgard / DHG and Ved Buens Ende, and the Nidrosian-connected Darvaza will put on a wild show.

The line-up is also strengthened by Irish Primordial, who mix black metal with Celtic flavour, or Finnish rebels Impaled Nazarene, led by the Luttinen brothers for the fourth decade. Finally, from the Pacific Northwest, melodic black metal will be represented by UADA and the dark ritual will be performed on stage by Devil Master, whose work includes death rock.

Outside of the dark genres above are Swedes Grand Magus, who freshen up the list of additions with earthy heavy/doom to please Candlemass fans.

The festival will once again take place in Josefov, an 18th century military fortress, in the second week of August from 7 to 10 August 2024 and will feature over 130 bands from around the world.


New bands: Abbath performs Immortal, Darvaza, Devil Master, Dødheimsgard / DHG, Grand Magus, Impaled Nazarene, Khold, Primordial, Triumph Of Death performing Hellhammer, Tulus, Uada, Ven Buens Ende




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Confirmed bands so far: Abbath performs Immortal, Architects, Behemoth, Bodysnatcher, Born Of Osiris, Broken Hope, Brutus, Čad, Darkest Hour, Darvaza, Devil Master, Dødheimsgard / Dhg, Emperor, Evil Invaders, Grand Magus, God Is An Astronaut, Guilt Trip, Impaled Nazarene, Incantation, Jinjer, Kampfar, Khold, Left To Die, Legion Of The Damned, Lik, Mental Cruelty, Motionless In White, My Dying Bride, Necrot, Party Cannon, Primordial, Satyricon, Skeletal Remains, Sněť, Terrorizer, The Black Dahlia Murder, Triumph Of Death Performing Hellhammer, Tulus, Uada, Ufomammut, Ven Buens Ende, Vomitory, Whitechapel