Arctangent Festival 2023 Books Deafheaven, The Fall Of Troy, Cave In, Igorrr, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Elder, Russian Circles, Svalbard, Brutus, Jaga Jazzist, and More

Arctangent Festival has announced a second wave of bands for the 2023 event! Among the new names on the bill include Deafheaven (performing Sunbather, UK exclusive), The Fall Of Troy, Cave In, Igorrr, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Elder, Russian Circles, Svalbard, Brutus, Jaga Jazzist, And So I Watch You From Afar, and more. ATG dates are 16th,17th,18th,19th for August 2023 and tickets are on sale at the link below. The festival had already announced bands such as Bicurious, Conjurer, Dvne, Five the Hierophant, Hippotraktor, Scalping, and Skin Failure.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Satyricon – Satyricon and Munch

Satyricon & Munch (Napalm Records) is the coming together of two icons of Oslo, Norway – the visuals of artist Edvard Munch inform a new piece of music by black metal veterans Satyricon. With the music inspired by — and presented as part of — a new exhibition at Oslo’s MUNCH museum, this 56-minute recording of new material exists also independent of its visual counterpart. If expecting a full-on black metal album, approach with caution; for those ready for an atmospheric, instrumental journey, this dark trip may be worthy of your time.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Satyricon – Reissues

The general conceit within black metal is that the rawer and more under-produced the album the more authentic and trve it sounds. Therefore remastering and remixing records of that particular genre is a venture never likely to be met with universal praise. Not that a little fact like that has deterred Satyricon in any way, the Norwegian act even going so far as to completely change the artwork on their first two albums for these updated releases courtesy of Napalm Records.

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Wongraven Wine Tasting Event By Satyricon Frontman Returns To Inferno Festival

Once again, Satyricon frontman Satyr Wongraven’s Wongraven Wine Tasting event will return to this years’ Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, NO this March. As an extension of Satyr’ Wongraven Wines, he will lead a tasting and discussion exploring his passion and gift for winemaking. These events sell out yearly, so get your tickets now. Inferno Metal Festival is the longest running and most extreme metal festival in Norway and one of the most important metal festivals in the world. Continue reading

King Of Asgard – :taudr:

Sitting somewhere between an EP and a full-length album, :taudr: (Trollmusic) is the newest release by Swedish Viking enthusiasts King of Asgard. Featuring five tracks focusing mainly on death and the afterlife, this latest record follows on from their 2014 release, Karg (Metal Blade) and continues, rather unsurprisingly, in the same Nordic/Black/Folk Metal vein as before.Continue reading

Satyricon – Oslo Faenskap – Vredehammer: Live at Nijmegen, Doornroosje NL


The day before Easter Sunday we set out to see the Norwegian Satyricon open their latest European tour, the only one of this year they announced. Supporting their recent Live At The Opera (Napalm) DVD, the band have decided to do things in their own time and their own way this time around.

When we arrive just before the time the show is about to start we’re met with closed room doors and a susurrus of rumors in the waiting crowd. Satyricon arrived later than expected, and now the stage still has to be set and soundchecks done. The time is pushed back half an hour, and both supporting acts, Oslo Faenskap and Vredehammer, were reduced to 15 minute sets.

Oslo Faenskap, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis

Oslo Faenskap, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis

Oslo Faenskap take the stage first with fire and verve, determined to show us 15 minutes can be convincing. The crowd however doesn’t agree and no matter how much the band try to be brutal, badass and ‘fucking” make us move, most people stare at them in polite patience. The fact the band play a mix of more modern metal styles, best characterized by metalcore and nu metal influences, and their overblown stage presence as an opener just don’t strike the right chord today, while their effort is praiseworthy.

Vredehammer, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis

Vredehammer, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis

After a quick changeover we get Vredehammer who are clearly unhappy about the unexpected shortening of their set. It means the band only play two songs, as quipped at by their vocalist Per Valla; “this is the shortest set in history”. The crowd responds to the Norwegian black metal outfit better than they did to Oslo Faenskap, and start to warm up. Both bassist and guitarist of the band give a valiant effort, but less than optimal sound on the drums and general mix mean some of the more delicate atmospheres of the band disappear into tinny drums and a general feeling of potential but too little time.

Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

And then for the main course of this musical meal: Satyricon. The crowd who had stayed mostly in the back of the room slowly mill forward, finally giving the venue a cozily full feeling. The anticipation in the front few rows can be felt on your skin as an almost electric shiver passes through the crowd when finally the iconic mic-stand, covered in horns, is brought on stage. The band arrives to the tones of ‘Voice of Shadows’ to loud cheers from the audience and a forest of raised fists and horns. The bar is immediately set incredibly high as the band launch into their two hour long set full speed, playing new and old tunes alike, though favoring their post-Vulcano repertoire. The crowd seamlessly answers front man Satyr’s every suggestion, as they shout on command and are coaxed to throw horns and even form a moshpit. Satyr explains that the few tours the band will do from now on will be special, and tonight they would like to share with us some work in progress ideas for songs, as they launch into three instrumental pieces. Sadly in the second of these jams Satyr’s guitar gives out and it takes half the tune to get it set again, but even that cannot ruin the performance as the fans happily listen to what might become new material. Ending the set on the classic ‘Mother North’, to which the full crowd sing along, the band leave the stage. The crowd waits in eager anticipation for their encore, consisting of hit songs ‘Fuel For Hatred’ and ‘K.I.N.G.’, after which a glowing band thank their fans with one of many bows. We leave the venue at the respectable hour of midnight, to the gentle tones of ‘Natt’ as the outro, happily satisfied that a gig that seemed plagued by Murphy’s Law at first persevered and after a rough start soared to heights only a veteran band and like Satyricon can deliver.


Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

Satyricon, Photo by Susanne A. Maathuis.

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Satyricon Releasing Live At The Opera via Napalm Records In May

satyricon live at the opera 2

Norwegian Black Metal legends SATYRICON have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records for release of their upcoming DVD Live At The Opera, out on May 1st & on May 5th 2015 in North America. Watch a preview of Live At The Opera here.

Mastermind Satyr about the story behind Live At The Opera:

“The whole thing started with us doing one song, “To The Mountains” a year and a half before the actual show. We performed at a closed event in the main hall of the opera with the Royal Norwegian Opera Chorus. It was very inspirational. I then said to the conductor that I would love to do a whole show like this. He loved the idea, I was serious about it, and he was serious about it.

We spent approximately one and a half year working with composer and arranger Kjetil Bjerkestrand on the choral arrangements. When I picked songs, I was not necessarily looking at only songs suitable for choral arrangements or typical in the Satyricon live set. For me, it had to be a combination. If you look at songs like “Die By My Hand”, it`s pretty obvious we`ll want to use a choir for that because it has a choir on the record too. On the other hand, there were other things I had to consider. For example, “K.I.N.G.” is probably the most famous Satyricon song ever – and not necessarily a song I can imagine with choral arrangements. But just because people hear it more or less the same way always, I thought it would be interesting to take that song and give it a totally different vibe for this one time. And it`s also interesting to see if we can work it around the structure of a song that is more or less straightforward.

For something that we planned for so long, put so much work into, and something this unique – of course it would be nice to film it and record it. But I made it very clear to the people around Satyricon that I`m not going to turn this into a recording session where you can buy tickets.When you hear or or watch this recording you should feel like you’re there.

This is not “Satyricon – Best Of from the Opera”, this is a show! The perfect parts need to go in there, but also the parts that are not so perfect. That`s the nature of it, that`s the real deal. It’s not a live album. It’s a celebration of what Satyricon stands for as a band.”

To celebrate their upcoming DVD release, SATYRICON will be hitting the road for an extensive European tour. Catch them live on the following dates:

Feb 21: Blastfest – Bergen (NO)
Apr 06: La Machine – Paris (FR)
Apr 07: Sound Control – Manchester (UK)
Apr 08: Scala – London (UK)
Apr 10: Durbuy Rock Festival – Durbuy (BEL)
Apr 11: Matrix – Bochum (DE)
Apr 12: Schlachthof – Wiesbaden (DE)
Apr 13: Akropolis – Prag (CZ)
Apr 15: Bachstage Halle – Munich (DE)
Apr 16: Z7 – Pratteln (CH)
Apr 17: Impetus Festival – Montbéliard (FR)
Apr 18: Deposito Giordano – Pordenone (IT)
Apr 19: Szene – Vienna (AT)
Apr 21: Progresja – Warsaw (PL)
Apr 22: SO36 – Berlin (DE)
Apr 23: Werk 2 – Leipzig (DE)
Apr 24: Markthalle – Hamburg (DE)
Apr 25: KB – Malmö (SE)
Apr 26: Nalen – SE – Stockholm (SE)
Jun 19: Hellfest – Clisson (FR)

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Frost of Satyricon Interviewed at Tuska Open Air


TJ Fowler and Frost


TJ Fowler of Ghost Cult Magazine interviewed Frost of Satyricon at this years Tuska Open Air Festival. Frost discussed playing the summer festival circuit, touring, their latest album, and the influence his band has had on the black metal genre among other topics.





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Satyricon – Satyricon

Satyricon-album-2013Having emerged as an exciting young black metal band amidst the infernal chaos of the early 90s Norwegian scene, Satyricon have, over the years, dared to do what many of extreme metal’s purists would scold them for; change. Needless to say, the band have faced more than their share of criticism for the shifts in their sound, and while it’s true that their much rawer early material is still generally regarded more favourably, there is still a huge audience for Satyricon, and one which will be awaiting their newest offering with baited breath.Continue reading