EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: NOWIS – “Parallel World”, Quarantine Album Streaming In Full

Ghost Cult is proud to team up with NOWIS, the new Indie Rock project from Simon Rojas Hoces, (Singer of The ReAktion), and his new album Quarantine. Far from the music you may have connected him to in his past, NOWIS is a juxtaposition of disparate sounds and powerful emotions. Masterful musicianship and sun-drenched psychedelic rock anthems ring out with gorgeous melodies, jangley riffs, fiery guitar solos, and Beatles-esque vocals. At the same time, don’t mistake the major key mellowness for complacency. The album is a call to arms for the socially conscious, to not allow the current “World Martial Law” to infect our souls and dim our spirits. Ghost Cult is not only presenting their new video for ‘Parallel World’, but the full album stream of Quarantine right now! Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 88: Hyro The Hero on the Quarantine, Gaming, and New Music

We caught up recently with Hyro The Hero from his home, on lockdown, keeping safe from the pandemic. Sadly, his spring tour plans opening for Asking Alexandria have been canceled. In the meantime, Hyro is keeping that PMA (positive mental attitude) and keeping his spirits up during trying time by staying busy, working on music, catching up on his gaming, and trying to eat right. He is also checking out all kinds of other musicians and rappers plying their game on Soundcloud and other mediums who are respect-worthy. He’s got a good message for fans too, as Hyro has new music coming soon, the follow up to his acclaimed album Flagged Channel, via his label Better Noise, that he is really excited about, and we are too! Follow Hyro and get ready for new sounds later this year.Continue reading