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Interview with Hekseblad! 


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Liquid Death x e.l.f. Cosmetics, Brendon Small of Dethklok supercut interview, Glen Benton of Deicide interview, Matt Harvey (Exhumed) solo album interview, Ghost Cult Podcast, Hekseblad interview and new album out now, Glacially Musical Podcast does Record Store Day and Queen III, Fiadh charity compilation support, Julia Gaeta new single, The D.O.O.D., Sick New World controversy, Beach Life Festival, Bloodstock Open Air Metal II The Masses, Punk Rock Bowling, Furnace Fest adds Misery Signals, Sad Summer Fest tour, Download Festival update, Emo’s Not Dead Cruise, Mill Valley Fest,  Eddie Fest, Savage Lands to play Hellfest, The Summer Slaughter Tour uproar, Slipknot news and Mexico shows, Kitte exclusive tour dates, Megadeth big tour with Mudvyne and ATR,  Opeth over America, Seeyouspacecowboy, Red Fang and Unto Others, Baroness new headline tour, King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn, From Ashes To New, Dead On A Sunday, The Acacia Strain, Infectious Grooves dates, Zeal and Ardor, Experience Hendrix tour, Health and Gost in Europe, Sessanta Tour last few shows, Caligula’s Horse, The Dolllyrots new video and tour, Doyle and OTEP tour continues, Jesus Piece and Suguisugabog, Guts van issues, Ozzy gets in the Rock Hall of Fame – several artists get snubs, Capstan new music, G.B.I. (Foo Fighters & Anthrax) RSD release and new video, Deep Purple new video, Jay Weinberg on Seth Myers, MONO new album, Talking Heads documentary, GhostxShip is back! Light This City reunites at a Darkness Everywhere show, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse pull off a thing no death metal band has done, Sarke is back, Pink Floyd and Soundgarden get an Eclipse boost, David Gilmour new album, My Dying Bride explains cancelations, House of Protection (ex Fever 333), Gel new album,  Armored Saint new record deal, In Hearts Wake, Better Loves tour dates, Cnts new video, Chuck Schuldiner’s BC Rich sells for a small fortune, Downset returns with a new lineup, New Music Out This Week, and in our mailbag BABYMETAL on vinyl! 

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