Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria, Alekhine’s Gun, Black Heart Sutra, Orange Is The New Black) to Be Featured at The Inferno Metal Festival Conference

The Inferno Music Conference has announced an Interview featuring the multi-talented Jessica Pimentel conducted by Erin Lynch. From her iconic roles in television series such as Orange is the New Black and The Horror of Dolores Roach, to her performances as the lead singer of the brutal metal band Brujeria, Jessica is renowned for her diverse skill set across various industries, transitioning from music to acting, and now venturing into directing and producing. Keep reading below for more information.
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INTERVIEW: Oberst Talks Upcoming Album “Toil”, Favorite Deathwish Inc. Rosters, and Best Gig Experiences

The four-piece, Oslo-based act Oberst started embarking on a continuous sonic journey in 2015. Initially formed out of mutual love and passion for music, the quartet then found common interest in bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Converge, and Cult of Luna. Their music is mostly a combination between hardcore, post-metal, and progressive metal, strongly characterized by atmospheric riffs and intense vocals resulting in captivating resonances.

Having received critical acclaim on their self-titled debut EP, the band has received a lot of media coverage as well such as being featured on the Norwegian TV series Unge Lovende and having their EP played by the Norwegian national radio. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Naga Siren Talks “Cut and Run” – Their Influences, and Their Favorite Hardcore Venues

Naga Siren is a five-piece Hardcore Punk act based in Oslo that plays fast and catchy tunes influenced by American post-Hardcore scene, while also blending it with the nuance of Scandinavian hardcore. They started out as a side project of the members of various other bands: Despereaux, ieatheartattacks, Himmelhøyt, and Oberst. The current lineup is composed of Emil Odd Solbakken (vocals), Oliver David Kimmel (guitar), Tarjei Kristoffersen (guitar), Erik Fossmo (bass), and Steffen Landerud (drums). They released their new single Cut & Run on January 19th, which is highly anticipated.

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