Straight For The Sun and More Booked for Foodinati Charity Event featuring Andy Whale (Bolt Thrower)

DC Sound Attack and Foodinati have teamed up for a live event, Foodinati LIVE! Set to take place on Saturday, 20th April, at the Devil’s Dog in Birmingham, UK, it promises a unique fusion of culinary delights, live music, and conversations with special guests from the Birmingham heavy music scene. The night will feature interviews with Andy Whale (Deathcollector/Bolt Thrower) and Recall The Remains, as well as acoustic performances from Nameless, Netherhall, and Straight For The Sun. It was inspired by the popular YouTube show Foodinati UK, as seen in the article below.

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Bloodstock Festival 2023 Part 3



A challenge of being a concert photographer is seldom experiencing a full set. Often, I dash between stages, trying to capture each band as if on a Pokémon quest – though “gotta shoot ’em all” has a different ring to it. Nonetheless, the silver lining is I often witness a good portion of every set over the weekend. Here are my top picks and suggestions from Bloodstock’s two smaller stages, showcasing their stellar support for the underground scene and nurturing emerging metal talent in the UK and beyond.Continue reading

Ghost Bath – Starmourner

There’s no point starting anywhere else. If you can’t get past the vocals, this is not the album for you. And stating that is not just about addressing the elephant, or rather addressing the yelps of the goat being castrated in the room, it’s worth highlighting as it is achingly and obviously Ghost Bath’s “thing”. They don’t have vocals (or lyrics, even) in a traditional sense. They have the anguished yelps and howls of frontman Nameless. And if you can’t deal with that, no amount of all-consuming ambient meanderings, lush Cascadian post-blackened swathes, progressive indulgences or melodic expositions that occur under, over and around the wails is going to make this an album you can get on with.Continue reading