ALBUM REVIEW: Pomegranate Tiger – All Input Is Error


On All Input Is Error (Self-Released), Canada’s Pomegranate Tiger (aka prog multi-instrumentalist and accomplished composer Martin Andres) takes a topical AI concept and runs with it. Does he win the race? Yes, in the end – even if the final fate of humankind is ultimately unknown (there are no lyrics, you see, so you can make up your own mind, all you creatives out there). 

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Pomegranate Tiger – Boundless


Since the release of debut album Entities in 2013, one man instrumental wizard Martin Andres (Pomegranate Tiger) have garnered considerable attention in the tech metal and djent circles, with a concoction of progressive metal which is accessible and welcoming but with masses of complexity and technicality. The follow up Boundless (both self-released), some two years later, gives much the same, and is simply better and richer, and should match its anticipation.

The range of influences at play encompasses such a wide expanse, from tech and djent to even heavier elements and classic prog, all the while feeling fluid and integral rather than bolted on and brash. With one man projects such as this there is always the risk of it feeling bloated and self-indulgent but Boundless proves organic in its range, bold in its scope and easy to delve into, with enough to dig into further. There are even shades of more haunting and ominous territory akin to the likes of Goblin in parts.

In what could have been a display of technical wankery, Boundless proves a triumphant example of how instrumental progressive metal can be compelling enough to draw people in and become familiar, and complex enough to offer new insights on each listen, and  to showcase virtuosity without dragging. Again, Pomegranate Tiger prove a compelling, growing force in prog metal spheres, albeit one with a somewhat daft moniker.





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